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Your guide to perks and discounts for university students April 25, 2024 Best free perks and discounts for university students
Reflecting on my four-year university experience at York April 23, 2024 If you are considering starting or returning to university, my reflections on my experience may provide insight into what’s to come.
Fun for all: Activities for mature students and families at York April 16, 2024 Find activities for mature students and families at York
Work-life balance: York athlete edition April 12, 2024 Take a sneak peek into a varsity athlete’s life at York.
10 tips for staying motivated and recharged at university March 8, 2024 This YUBlog post shares useful tips and tricks to stay motivated and mindfulness strategies that’ll help you recharge.
Celebrating Lunar New Year while studying in Canada February 14, 2024 Lunar New Year, often known as Chinese New Year, is a significant celebration in Asian culture, marked by vibrant traditions and a strong sense of community.
The best break spots on campus near microwaves February 5, 2024 This YUBlog post brings you our top picks for break spots on York’s campus near microwaves.
5 reasons why I chose York as an international and mature student February 5, 2024 Benefits of York for international and mature students
Cool and fun courses at York January 31, 2024 Discover cool and fun courses
Taking care of yourself with your student health benefits January 30, 2024 Did you know that your YFS Health and Dental Plan offers you a ton of health benefits? Read this post to find out how you can take care of yourself with your student health benefits.
Your guide to breast cancer awareness: Important tips and what to look out for January 23, 2024 Our top tips for breast cancer awareness.
How to network as an introvert: 5 reasons to attend York events January 10, 2024 Networking is crucial part of life at York
How to use your YU-card like a pro January 8, 2024 Your YU-card is not just an ID card, it's your ticket to amazing discounts! Here's how you can use it.
Getting around Keele Campus December 21, 2023 When navigating a new place, having a map is great, but understanding how to use that map is even better. Here are some pro tips on using the Keele Campus map.
Fun things to do in Toronto on a student budget this winter December 13, 2023 Put on your winter jacket, boots and mittens to explore some of Toronto’s winter activities.
Tips to stay well and adjust to Canada’s winter December 13, 2023 Here are some tips to embracing the Canadian winter.
What it’s like to be a Work/Study student December 6, 2023 Learn more about York's Work/Study program!
Still struggling with acne? It’s OK, you’re not the only one December 5, 2023 Here's a skin care regime that can help you combat acne issues.
Navigating exam anxiety and stress: Get support on- and off-campus November 29, 2023 Exam season is here! We're here to help you navigate this stressful time.
Fun things to do this Halloween October 25, 2023 Here are some fun things to do this Halloween.
How I found out what is academic integrity and stopped worrying about it October 25, 2023 The York University resources like the Writing Center are helpful tools in your education journey.
How to stay healthy during flu season October 13, 2023 As the temperature starts to drop and we all start to hang out indoors, there’s a higher risk of germs spreading. COVID-19 cases tend to rise, along with influenza (the flu) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Learn more about how to stay healthy during flu season.
How to connect with course instructors September 28, 2023 Connecting with your course instructors will help you academically and professionally, especially if they work in the field you’re interested in.
Using your University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) September 27, 2023 Learn the ins and outs of UHIP at the beginning of the school year to prepare yourself for potential emergencies and enjoy a worry-free university experience in Canada.
Best shopping spots around York's campuses September 21, 2023 Need help figuring out your daily necessities and where to get them? This #YUBlog takes you through some of the best shopping spots around Keele and Glendon campuses.
How to start a successful term September 19, 2023 The first few weeks at York are an important time to settle into your courses and get into the flow of studying. Here are some tips on how to start a successful term.
Apps you’ll need as a York student September 7, 2023 Looking for ways to make life as a student a little bit easier? Try accessing resources at York directly through your phone! Check out some free apps available to you as a York student.
International Edition: What I Wish I Knew in First Year August 29, 2023 We spoke to two international students and asked them the ultimate question: what do you wish you knew in your first year?
Top Five Food Joints on Keele Campus August 24, 2023 Looking for a place to eat on York campus? Check out these food joints recommended by York students.
Unique terms at York August 22, 2023 To start your term successfully, we’re here to give you the lowdown on some of the terms you will frequently come across at York.
Top Six Transfer Student Resources August 15, 2023 Check out insights from my own experiences and from other fellow transfer students.
International student edition: Why you should attend orientation August 15, 2023 Orientation week is approaching and you might be wondering what it’s all about. We’re here to help.
High school edition: What to expect at orientation August 1, 2023 Congratulations, new Lions, you made it to university! The next step in your university journey is attending orientation.
How You Can Support UN SDGs December 1, 2022 Do you ever wonder how you can use what you learn in the classroom and translate it into making a positive difference in the world?
Managing End of Term Stress November 25, 2022 It’s a stressful time for all of us. Here are some tips and resources to manage end of term stress.
Three Things You Can Do Now to Take Care of Your Health November 24, 2022 When you have to juggle classes, studying, a job and extracurricular activities, it can be very hard to find time to seek help or book an appointment that fits your busy schedule.
My Approach to Work/Life Balance November 4, 2022 I’m juggling between tasks all the time. But I’m having a lot of fun in my journey!
Five Hidden Gems at York October 26, 2022 We’ve found five hidden gems at York that you can check out the next time you’re on campus and in need of space.
Top Five Study Spots at York June 16, 2022 What we don’t realize is that there are multiple other spots on campus for us to study, chill, and hang out with friends! Where are these spots, you ask?
Five ways to make friends at university July 27, 2021 Here are five ways to make friends at university.
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