Top Five Study Spots at York

Written by Monica Xiao

The first place that comes to mind when thinking of a study spot on Keele Campus is Scott Library (which is almost always full of people!). What we don’t realize is that there are multiple other spots on campus for us to study, chill, and hang out with friends! Where are these spots, you ask? Here are our top five study spots on Keele Campus based on what you’re in the mood for. You can find all these locations on the Keele Interactive Map

If you need to get some serious studying done

Bronfman Business Library

Bronfman Business Library study desks

The Bronfman Business Library is located in the Schulich School of Business building. Looking for a place to study with your friends? There are six Group Study Rooms available for booking. You can also borrow a projector for your group study room. If you need to get some serious studying done, the Silent Study Room—a noise-free study space—on the second floor is where you want to go. The Bronfman Business Library also has computer terminals on the first floor, and individual study desks on the first and second floors.

Steacie Science & Engineering Library

Steacie Science & Engineering Library Study Space

Scott Library is full again? Don’t worry! Just walk across Campus walk, and head over to the Steacie Science & Engineering Library instead! It is not as popular as Scott, so it’s not as heavily occupied. Of course, you can find open study spaces, or book a study room for group studying at the Steacie Science & Engineering Library using your library card (YU-card).

Pro-tip: If you find yourself in need of a laptop, this library also offers laptop lending for use within the library.

If you need a space to hang out with friends, but also get some work done

New Student Centre (Second Student Centre)

Second Student Centre in the winter

The Second Student Centre is located on 15 Library Lane. It is a top spot for students to hang out and get some work done. If you’re tired of sitting in classrooms all day long, hop on one of the couches in the Study Lounges located throughout the first and second floors. You can also book group study rooms by visiting the welcome desk. On the fourth floor, is the Congregation Hall, the largest congregation facility on campus, and two smaller prayer rooms. Make sure to book a spot beforehand!

Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (Formerly Technology Enhanced Learning – TEL)

The lobby of Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (Formerly TEL)

The Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building is located near the Bennett Centre for Student Services, and just south of the AMPD buildings. The open concept floor plan provides a welcoming environment for group work. Unlike most study desks you’d have to book, you can just walk in and there’s room for everyone! And since it isn’t a library, you don’t have to worry about having to keep your voices to a minimum. 

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a quiet individual study area, the basement of the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building is perfect for you.

If you need a quick study spot between classes

Ross Building

Entrance to Ross Building from Vari Hall

The Ross Building is perfect for on the go when you’re just looking for a quick and quiet study spot, since its location is at the centre of the campus. You can always find numerous open benches throughout the building. Because the Ross Building consists of mainly classrooms and offices, it’s not really a popular place for students to hangout, which makes it a perfect self-study spot. And there’s a Starbucks for that much-needed dose of coffee! 

If you’re looking for any tech-support for your class projects, head over to the Multimedia Language Centre (MLC) located in the Ross Building (South). If you need an audio recording for your next assignment, the MLC’s drop-in computer lab is open to all York students! Their computers are equipped with audio recording and editing software such as Audacity, Sound Forge, and many more. For students in French Studies and Linguistics, book your spot at MLC’s professionally equipped Sound Booth by simply filling out their online form.