Getting around Keele Campus

Written by Deea Deb

When navigating a new place, having a map is great, but understanding how to use that map is even better. Here are some pro tips on using the Keele Campus map.  

The Keele Campus Map

The Keele Campus map is based on a letter-number grid system. The left and right sides of the map have the letters A to G, while the top and bottom of the map include numbers going from 1 to 9. Each building is assigned a letter-number combination beside its acronym for ease of identification. 

As a new student, you’ll soon become fluent in the language of building acronyms that are used across the University!  

For instance, following the letter “D” and the number “6” on the map helps you spot York Lanes, a one-stop shopping space that has restaurants, dental and medical offices, a hair and nail salon, a Shoppers Drug Mart, the York University Bookstore and more! 

The Campus Directory

Split into nine sections, the campus directory is colour-coded to help distinguish between: 

  • Academic, Administrative & Commercial Buildings 
  • Residences & Apartments 
  • Parking Garages – Visitors 
  • Parking Lots – Visitors 
  • Parking Lots – Reserved 
  • Visual Performance Arts Facilities 
  • Sport & Recreation Facilities 
  • Historical Houses 
  • Non-York U Buildings 
Find your classes under the “Academic, Administrative & Commercial Buildings” category.

Generally, the first letters of the building’s name are usually used in those acronyms. For example, Vari Hall becomes VH, Curtis Lecture Hall becomes CLH and Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies becomes HNE. There are, of course, exceptions to this (e.g. Accolade East is ACE, Atkinson is ATK etc.), but this is a good starting point.  

Pro tip: Keep these acronyms in mind, because you’ll see them again in your course schedules throughout your time at York U! 

The most important administrative buildings on Keele Campus are: 

  • William Small Centre, for all your YU card and parking needs (15) 
  • Bennett Centre for Student Services, Admissions (41) 

Bennet Centre for Student Services is where you can find the Student Support & Advising and Student Counselling, Health & Well-being offices. 

The best study spots are: 

  • First Student Centre (23) 
  • Second Student Centre (102) 
  • Scott Library (25) 

Pro tip: Get all your daily essentials at York Lanes (24) and visit Tait McKenzie (4) for your workout needs! 

The Legend

The legend contains transportation, safety and other miscellaneous symbols like the nearest Züm, YRT or Viva stops. 

Speaking of commuters, did you know that there are three different types of parking on campus? York’s Parking Services offer: 

  1. Visitor Parking (P) 
  2. Reserved Parking (R) 
  3. Parking Garage (G) 

Pro tip: You’ll only be able to use the reserved parking lots if you have a permit! Learn more about York’s parking rates and permits

If you need to commute between Keele and Glendon campuses, the free shuttles have you covered. Wait at the purple triangle in front of Vari Hall (30) to catch one of the buses! Want to know where to go once you reach Glendon? Take a look at the Glendon Campus map