The best break spots on campus near microwaves

Written by Deea Deb

Let’s face it: buying food on campus doesn’t always fit into a student budget. Many of us bring home-cooked meals to campus to save money and eat healthier. If you're looking for the perfect spot to heat and eat your meals between classes, you’ve come to the right place! This YUBlog post brings you our top picks for break spots on York’s campus near microwaves. 

We've divided up each spot based on your class locations to help you plan out your day. 

Around Vari Hall and Central Square

Best break spot: The food court in the First Student Centre is great for catching up with friends. If you intend to work while eating, check out the study spots on the upper floors!  

During the summer months, enjoy your meals picnic-style and soak up some sun on the Harry Arthurs Commons lawn. 

Microwave: First floor, First Student Centre 

Around Osgoode Hall, the Health, Nursing & Environmental (HNE) Building and Atkinson

Best break spots: The third-floor student lounge in the Second Student Centre is a great space to relax and have lunch. The sofas are super comfy! The student lounge at HNE 137 is also a great space to relax or study with incredible views. 

Microwaves: First floor, Second Student Centre (entrance facing the Ross Building) and first floor, adjacent to the Bistro at Osgoode. The kitchen on the first floor of HNE (HNE 136D) has microwaves for students. 

Around Founders College, McLaughlin College and Vanier College

Best break spots: The new LA&PS Community Hub (VC 001) has board games, puzzles, Lego and free snacks (when available). It has been revamped into a cozy and fun space for students. Don’t forget to tell your friends!  

Microwaves: Founders College Lounge (FC 004) 

Around Winters College, Bethune College, Calumet College, New College and Stong College

Best break spots: Winters Dining Hall (WC 001), Junior Common Room (WC 012), Winters Senior Common Room (WC 021) and Winters Club Lounge (WC 120).  

Athena Philippou and Zara Ferreira, commuter students at Winters College, also recommend Winters Café.  

Microwave: Bethune Junior Common Room (BC 115). 

Around the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building, Seneca and the Seymour Schulich Building

Best break spot: The Seneca cafeteria is great for hanging out. You can always find a seat and get yourself some student-budget-friendly coffee. Oh, and you no longer need a Seneca ID card to get in!  

If you prefer a quiet lunch, there is plenty of space on the first floor of the Dahdaleh Building.  

Microwaves: Seneca’s cafeteria on the main floor, and the hallway beside Schulich Market Café. 

Want to cook your own meals but don’t know where to start? York’s FUEL Cookbook, created by the Health Education & Promotion team, includes helpful guides to healthy eating and some amazing student recipes to try out!