Five Hidden Gems at York

Written by Monica Xiao

With midterms going on and finals approaching, you’re probably either looking for a quiet study spot or a hang-out space where you can take a break with your friends. Either way, we’ve found five hidden gems at York that you can check out the next time you’re on campus and in need of space.

Hang-out space

Martin Family Lounge

The Martin Family Lounge is located on the second floor of Accolade East (ACE). It’s a two-storey space with round tables and couches open to all York students. You can just drop into the lounge, have your lunch and socialize with your friends. For those who are music lovers, Martin Family Lounge is also a bookable performance venue for musicians. Keep an eye out for events happening here! They’re typically free.

Break Room

The Break Room also has a super comfy study corner!

The Break Room is an amazing new addition to the First Student Centre. It is your one-stop shop for great food, relaxation and enjoying multiplayer games with your friends! You can find the menu and game selections on their website.

Central Square Rooftop

Soak up the last of the sun before winter hits!

I’m sure you walk by Central Square all the time, but have you been to the rooftop? You can access it through the stairs in the courtyard. Grab your favourite seasonal beverage and head over to the Central Square rooftop for some fresh air. This open space, surrounded by nature, is also perfect for taking pictures. Chill with friends, study, read, draw and relax!

Quiet Study Spot

First Student Centre Third Floor

Load up on snacks and grab a study spot!

While the first floor of the First Student Centre can be quite noisy, and the second floor is full of offices, the third floor is a great space for quiet study. You can find desk areas on either end of the hallway, with outlets, big windows and lots of natural light. Its proximity to food makes it even more appealing! Enjoy food and nature while you study or take online classes.

The Nellie Langford Rowell Library

The Nellie is the best place for that exam cram session.

Also known as The Nellie, this library is located at 204 Founders College. It is not as popular as Scott and so is great for quiet exam-time cramming! While the library itself caters to women, feminism, the women’s movement, gender and women’s studies, sexuality studies and Indigenous studies, it is open to all students. The Nellie is hosting in-person Omni instruction sessions on Thursday, Oct. 27 and Monday, Oct. 31. Drop by if you have time and up your research game!

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