Top Six Transfer Student Resources

Written by Monica Xiao

Welcome to York University! York has a ton of resources that you want to take advantage of for a smooth transition. Check out insights from my own experiences and from other fellow transfer students. 

Before we hop into the list, let’s see what Katy Kong, a fourth-year psychology student, had to say about her journey as a York transfer student.  

Katy Kong

“Don't be afraid to ask for help,” said Kong, “The school is there to help you and the advisors there to help you.”

1. Review your Transfer Credit Statement

Transferring to York often means that you may be awarded transfer credits once you’re admitted, so make sure you review your transfer credit statement before enrolling in courses. The amount of transfer credits will depend on the program you’re coming from and the program you’re going into. The Transfer Credit Statement will look different for everyone. 

Pro tip: If you ever decide to change programs, you'll need to get your transfer credits reassessed.  

Book an Academic Advising Appointment

After reviewing your transfer credit statement, make sure to book an academic advising appointment to go over your degree requirements and understand York’s credit and GPA system. Garima Kumar, a fourth-year kinesiology student, believes that academic advising is the most important resource for incoming students.  

Garima Kumar

“Advisors advise you based on your path and some of them provide options based on your interest,” said Kumar. “It's always a good thing to check, especially in the first year, because many courses have prerequisites. You have to plan out your years according to your prerequisites and take those courses prior to taking the next courses.”

3. Take advantage of library resources

The library not only has books and an expansive online catalogue, it also provides study spaces and offers resources to support your academic skills. The self-paced modules on academic integrity and Student Papers & Academic Research Kit have helped me develop my research essays and properly cite my sources. While you may have prior knowledge from your previous institution, it’s important to know exactly how York defines academic integrity and how it applies to your courses specifically. 

4. Attend Learning Skills Services workshops

Don’t miss out on these workshops that tackle topics like exam prep, time management, study strategies and more. I found these so interesting and insightful that I’ve attended almost all of the ones that are offered. Of course, start with the ones that interest you, but when you do end up attending eight or more, you can apply for a Passport to Success. It not only shows you have developed professional skills, but also shows your involvement as an active York community member. 

5. Take care of your well-being

Balancing school, work and life can be challenging and we’re all experiencing this together. Student Counselling, Health & Well-being can support you in maintaining balance. The drop-in meditation workshops are perfect for taking an effective break to de-stress. Find schedule details on the SCHW calendar

6. Build your community with the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS)

Find out more about the services available to you and tips for transfer students. ACMAPS offers targeted sessions for mature and transfer students during orientation week and also transition sessions throughout the year. They’re a great opportunity to meet other students sharing similar experiences. 

Check out the ACMAPS website for orientation and transition session details.