Top Five Food Joints on Keele Campus

Written by Monica Xiao

Looking for a place to eat? Check out these food joints recommended by York students.  

The Orange Snail

Sitting in The Orange Snail, I just feel at home. Their food is so freshly made that it’s still steaming when you get it. Looking out the windows with warm food and cozy décor, I feel like I'm having a proper meal at home.  

Style: Caribbean  

Location: Stong College  

Students’ Recommendations: jerk chicken, snail burger, and according to the owners, “Everything down the menu!” 

Price range: $10.00–$15.00 

Revolution Noodles & Smokes

You may already know about the Tim Hortons in the Dahdaleh Building, but have you ever gone behind it to check out some Southeast Asian flavours? I love how much they let you customize your order, from different choices of noodles and proteins to whether you want your order with broth or stir fried.

Style: Southeast Asian 

Location: Dahdaleh Building 

Students’ Recommendations: rice noodle soup 

Price range: $12.00–$15.00 

Pita Land

Among all the food joints on Keele Campus, Pita Land has to be my personal favourite. Their sauces bring flavour to the next level, and the portion sizes are really good. Their meals often keep me full for the whole day.  

Style: Middle Eastern 

Location: York Lanes 

Students’ Recommendations: wraps, plates, pita box 

Price range: $15.00–$25.00 

Pizza Pizza

I walk past this Pizza Pizza every time I’m on campus and it always smells amazing. It's super convenient to just grab a slice of pizza for a quick lunch in between classes. Cheese pizza is my all-time favourite. 

Only open during the fall and winter terms

Style: Pizza 

Location: Central Square 

Students’ Recommendations: cheese, pepperoni 

Price range: $5.00–$10.00 


Whenever I’m looking for a healthier (but still filling) option on campus, Z-teca is my go-to spot. I don’t know about you, but I find salads are so expensive these days. Z-teca has great fresh veggies and gives you lots of protein. And it’s tasty too! 

Style: Mexican 

Location: York Lanes 

Students’ Recommendations: burritos, salads 

Price range: $15.00–$20.00 


Now it’s your turn to discover Keele Campus and find your favourite food joints! The Yorklicious event is just for that.  

From Saturday, August 26 to Friday, September 8, The Orange Snail, Z-teca and many other Keele Campus food joints will offer special prices on their signature dishes. Check the Orientation page for details on participating vendors.