Best shopping spots around York's campuses

Written by Deea Deb

Hey new Lions! As you slowly settle into university life, you may be wondering where to get your daily necessities. This #YUBlog takes you through some of the best shopping spots around Keele and Glendon Campuses.  

I’ve been living in residence on Keele Campus for over three years, and I also caught up with Alex Bugeja, a second-year student studying French and visual arts at Glendon. Check out our insider recommendations for textbooks, groceries, printing services and more.  


Glendon’s bookstore houses course materials for the current term. If you are looking for materials outside of your assigned readings, the bookstore on Keele Campus is your one-stop shop. They also offer discounted used books.  

Groceries and essentials

It is important to stay healthy while at university. Bugeja gets fresh produce from The Marché cafeteria. “The community garden also sells food in Lunik, a student-led café,” he says. Metro, Food Plus Market, Goodfood and Summerhill Market are also close to Glendon Campus. 

Keele Campus has a small grocery store in York Lanes called Grocery Checkout.  I often get my groceries at Your Community Grocer, located at 45 Four Winds Dr. This plaza also has a convenience store. It is walking distance from campus, but you can also take the 41 TTC bus from Sentinel Rd to Murray Ross Pkwy. The same bus can also take you to Walmart (Keele St at Broadoaks Dr) and No Frills (Keele St at St Regis Cres). 

Pro tip: If you need basics like cleaning products, bread, milk, etc., Gateway On The Go at 105 The Pond Rd is a great option. 

Bugeja's money saving tips: 

  • Make a list and stick to it! 
  • Don’t buy excess food  
  • Price match products with other stores when possible 
  • Use flyers and coupons 

Health and wellness

“Sunnybrook Hospital is near Glendon for emergencies, and you’ll find dentists near Lawrence Station,” says Bugeja.  

Keele Campus has health and wellness options like Anders & Flint Opticians, Appletree Medical Centre, York Lanes Dental Clinic and Shoppers Drug Mart.  

Pro tip: You can pick up prescriptions from Keele Campus’ Shoppers Drug Mart, even if your physician is located elsewhere.  

Banking and finances

BMO is located in York Lanes. Scotiabank, on Keele Street, is also easily accessible via the 41 TTC bus (Keele St at Toro Rd).  

There is a CIBC ATM located by the Marché at Glendon. “Many banks are conveniently located by the Lawrence and Eglington subway stations,” says Bugeja. 

Photo printing services

Need photos for a visa or passport? We’ve got you covered. If you are on Glendon Campus, you can find photography centres in the Eglinton Mall at Yonge & Eglinton Centre.  

The photo studio at York Lanes is currently under construction, but the Digital Photo Lab on Finch Ave W is a great alternative. I got my U.S. visa photo taken and printed within minutes!  

Our favourite on-campus cafés

A university essentials blog would not be complete without mentioning cafés. Bugeja’s favourite café on campus is Lunik. “I love trying out their lemonades,” he says. 

I love La Prep’s London Fog at York Lanes, especially in the winter. It feels like a warm hug. Aroma Café also has a great selection of healthy food and drinks. 

Pro tip: Wondering how to get to Keele from Glendon? Take the free shuttle for all your campus shopping needs! 

Check out the Start Strong YU website for more resources to help you start the term right.