Future students: How to prepare for York’s Campus Day

Written by Deea Deb

York University’s Campus Day for future students is an excellent opportunity to make early connections with faculty and students and to get to know the school better. We’re here to help you prepare for this day.  

Things to do before the event

  1. Research, research, research – the University, the program of your choice, the campus and student life.  
  2. Check the website for more information and ask additional questions at the event.  
  3. Register for sessions in advance. They fill up quickly! 
  4. Keep an open mind about the University and your options.  

Things to ask at the Campus Day

If you don’t have the required GPA

If you are falling short of the average GPA for your chosen program, don’t worry.  

Ask: What can you do to improve your chances of getting into the program? What are some other options that suit your interests? 

Pro tip –  York offers an undecided BA or BSc degree, so if you're unsure what you wish to study, you can start in these programs and decide at the end of your first year. Please note that prerequisites will still be required if you wish to switch to a program that needs them. 

If you are coming back to university after a break

Make sure to clarify whether you will be considered a transfer or a mature student. Remember that you are a transfer student if you have post-secondary education from a college or university. You are considered a mature student if you are over 21 without a post-secondary education.  

If you are worried about tuition and fees

Sorting out your finances to pay tuition, additional fees (where applicable) and supporting yourself can be challenging. Don’t forget to check how tuition payments work, important deadlines and how you can best handle finances at university. 

Ask: How can I support myself financially while studying? Are there any scholarships, awards, bursaries, grants and loans available to students? 

Things to do at the Campus Day

It is very important to not only get into the program you love, but also the university that best suits you. 

Visit the campus

Attending York’s Campus Day was the best decision I made. I sat in the lecture halls, spoke to professors and got student insights on the best study spots, hangouts, residences and more. Being on campus helped me visualize my life here! 

Pro tip - If you are in Toronto and can get to one of York’s three campuses, I would highly recommend you do so. Check out our campuses here!  

Talk to a student in your program of interest

Current students can share their experiences with you.  

Ask: What are some courses you will take in first year? How is studying at university different from high school? What do instructors expect from assignments and exams?  

Don’t miss your program session

Program sessions provide in-depth information about the courses, the curriculum and more.   

Ask: What are your career prospects after graduation? Are there co-op, work/study or research opportunities available? What resources are available to help students study? 

Tour the residences

If you plan on living away from home, visiting the residences is a good idea.  

I live on campus to save commuting time and money, have easy access to on-campus food and be part of a community. The York TTC subway station connects me directly with downtown Toronto for fun nights out with friends! 

Ask: How can I get tenant insurance? Will I be able to select my dorm mate(s)? Can I move out of residence next year?

Things to ask when choosing a university

The answers to questions like, ‘What is the difference between going to York and another university?’ and ‘Why should I go to York?’ are extremely personal to you. A recruitment staff, faculty member or current student cannot answer these questions for you. 

Ask yourself: What do I like or dislike about this institution? Do I like the vibe or the student lifestyle? Will I thrive in this environment? Can I study here for the next three or four years?