How to get better grades: 7 places at York that will make you a better student

Written by Boris Licina

How to improve my grade is a common question on York’s Reddit page. The most obvious answer is using school resources to help you do that.

Writing Centre

If you need help with writing, do not hesitate to contact York's Writing Centre. You can send them essays and get feedback in 24 hours, join drop-in sessions and ask specific questions or attend a one-on-one appointment. Regular workshops are helpful tools for your academic success.  

Location: 311 South Ross Building, Keele Campus. A118 York Hall, Glendon Campus.

Learning Skills Services

Many answers to your success in school and beyond lie in what’s offered at Learning Skills Services. Discover how to manage your time, improve your presentation skills and find out about study strategies that will help you, while gaining other valuable knowledge. 

Location: 111 Central Square, Keele Campus. 

Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students

Mature and part-time students can look for support at the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS). ACMAPS offers a Mature Student First-Year Experience Program, peer-to-peer mentoring (so you’re connecting directly with other students) and many student success workshops. 

Location: 111 Central Square, Keele Campus. 

ESL Open Learning Centre

The ESL Open Learning Centre will help you improve your speaking, writing and reading in English. If you wish to develop language strategies, receive presentation tips from ESL facilitators or improve your academic skills, check their upcoming events or book an appointment. Be sure to read the stories students wrote. 

Location: 327 South Ross Building, Keele Campus. A118 York Hall, Glendon Campus. 

Student Community & Leadership Development

To get the most out of your university experience, connect with Student Community & Leadership Development. You will advance with their tools, guidance, programs and workshops. And they are home to 350+ clubs and organizations that you could join. 

Location: 172 South Ross Building, Keele Campus. 

Student Counselling, Health & Well-being

Student life can be overwhelming, and well-being should be a priority. Student Counselling, Health & Well-being offers in-person or virtual counselling and support groups. In workshops, you can learn about sexual health foundations, healthy boundaries & relationships or how to improve your sleep. 

Location: N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services, Keele Campus. B108 York Hall, Student Success Centre, Glendon Campus. 

York University Libraries

One of the most beautiful places to explore is York University Libraries. Here everything is everywhere, all at once! Whatever topic you research, you can find it here - peer-reviewed journals, articles, videos and many more.