Author: Alicia Bakshi

Alicia Bakshi is a third-year French Studies and English Studies double major with Concurrent Education at York University (Glendon College). She loves music, fitness and reading. Alicia hopes to help current and future students at Keele and Glendon learn more about student life!

Posted by Alicia Bakshi on April 8, 2022

Hey Lions! As students, it can get hard to balance everything, especially during the busy exam season. It’s always important to reach out for help when you need it. No matter which campus you are on ...
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Posted by Alicia Bakshi on April 5, 2022

As the Summer 2022 Term is getting closer, a lot of you must have questions about how this session will unfold. The term begins Monday, May 9. Below we’ve made a guide to help you enroll and get pre ...
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Posted by Alicia Bakshi on March 2, 2022

Hey Lions! Here comes deadline season! Now, I don’t know about you, but I always end up starting my assignments at the last minute.  Instead of starting my assignments, I’ll work on other min ...
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Posted by Alicia Bakshi on February 15, 2022

Every new year brings new opportunities to expand your professional network. A great way to do this is through internships! I know it’s only February, but it’s a great time to ...
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Posted by Alicia Bakshi on January 18, 2022

Do you believe in new year’s resolutions? We do! And our 2022 resolution is to prioritize mental health and general wellness. When we think of goals, it is very easy to only thin ...
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Posted by Alicia Bakshi on November 19, 2021

The Glendon Campus is what I like to call Keele’s cozier and bilingual counterpart. Beautiful buildings and lush greenery will make you fall in love with this campus, which is what happened to me. & ...
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