Your Ultimate Guide to the YU Bookstore

Posted by Deea Deb on August 31, 2022

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Image of the Keele campus York Bookstore exterior with the text "Your Ultimate Guide to the YU Bookstore"

Are you wondering where to get your textbooks from? Wonder no more! This #YUBlog is here with your ultimate guide to the York University Bookstore. Located in York Lanes at the Keele Campus, or in York Hall 030B at the Glendon campus, the Bookstore is your one-stop-shop for all your classroom essentials. Whether you’re looking for a Calculus textbook or Shakespeare’s Hamlet, updating your stationery stash or showing off your York Pride, there is something for everyone!

Buying Your Textbooks In-Store

Many of you may be coming to the Bookstore in person for the first time. All the textbooks on the Keele campus can be found in the basement of the Bookstore. Before you purchase your course materials, ensure that you have checked the course syllabus.

Photo of a textbook aisle in the basement of the Keele campus Bookstore
Note that the aisle numbers for a program may change. So, make sure to check the program list before trying to hunt for your courses!

You’ll see aisles of various textbooks organized by program. Simply find the aisle with your program and then scan the shelves for your specific course.

Photo of textbooks with the book tags.
The book tags will be green for Fall term textbooks and beige for Fall/Winter term books. The booklist is usually available by the last week of August on the Bookstore website. So, keep an eye out!

Once you find the correct program aisle, check the book tag (the slip above each stack of books) for the course code, course title, section and instructor. Sometimes the same course can be taught by different professors who use different books! E-Books are purchased online through the Bookstore website or available as a Day1Digital through your course shell in eClass.

Success tip: Sometimes instructors may make last-minute changes to the syllabus. Always keep the proof of your purchase and check out their refund and return policies!

Buying Your Textbooks Online

If you would rather shop your textbooks online, all you need to do is Find it, Add it and Buy it on the Bookstore’s website! This feature allows you to view which textbooks you will need for your courses. It also helps you figure out how much money you may need to purchase your books.

Screenshot of the Find It, Add It, Buy It search tool on the Bookstore's website.
Keep an eye out for when the Fall/Winter courses are updated on the Bookstore’s website!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find it: Select the term, department, course and section affiliated with your class.
  • Add it: Click the “Add” button to add the class to your course list. Select “add another course” to add more courses. Once you’re ready, you can click “Get your books” to see a full list of the books you need for each of your classes.
  • Buy it: Follow the payment prompts to purchase your textbooks. You can either pick up your textbooks in-store or have them shipped to you.

Success tip: It’s a good idea to read through the Bookstore’s Store Policies and Shipping Information web pages for more detailed information.

Digital Materials

Some instructors may include e-Books instead of printed textbooks. You can see if your course offers a digital option on the Bookstore’s Access Codes webpage. There are different types of digital or electronic textbooks, Day1Digital and CEB. The same title will only be available in one eBook format.


Imagine how cool it would be if you could get your textbooks digitally on the first day of classes without paying for them until you decide to commit to the class. Now you can!

Day1Digital (D1D) is a super cool way to receive your digital textbooks through eClass on the first day of the term. The Temporary Access feature allows you to use the e-Books for a short time. If you click to “opt-in”, your student account will be billed the non-refundable e-Book fee. You automatically “opt out” if you never click on the link or do not click to opt in, in which case, you will not have to pay for the e-Book. If you withdraw from the course before the D1D Withdrawal Deadline, you will not be billed even if you opted-in previously.

Success tip: D1D e-Books are specially discounted e-books that are not available elsewhere and are HST-exempt. Say goodbye to lugging around heavy textbooks all day long!

Getting Your Textbooks on a Budget

Textbooks can be expensive, but you can earn Bookstore Rewards and Scholar Dollars to save money on student supplies and textbooks at the YU Bookstore. Here’s how it works. Shop using “Flex Dollars” or bursary funds (both loaded onto your YU-card) and you can earn 5% back in Scholar Dollars. Your Scholar Dollars can be redeemed for any item in-store. Read more on the Scholar Dollars-Bookstore Rewards web page.

Keep an eye out for used copies on the same shelves as new copies. The shelf tag will show prices for both new and used books.

Don’t forget that the bookstore offers buyback during the first two weeks of the new Fall semester. Learn about selling back to the Bookstore or to other students on the Bookstore’s Sell Your Books webpage.

Success Tip: The demand for used copies and buyback is high at the beginning of the term. I recommend checking with the Bookstore well in advance.

Don’t forget your supplies and merch!

Photo of the school supplies aisles at the Keele Campus Bookstore
Pick up all your essentials!

If you hoard unnecessary amounts of stationery like me, you must take a trip to the Bookstore! From pens, brushes, paint and colourful highlighters to lab coats and dissection kits, there is everything you may need for class.

Photo of the York program hoodie collection at the Bookstore
Show some York Pride with these amazing program hoodies and more!

The York U Bookstore is the place to go for any YU merchandise you may need. You can show your York U pride with program-specific hoodies, York University athletic wear and even souvenirs, such as notebooks and keychains for you and your family!

Success Tip: The Bookstore’s in-store promotions offers great deals on basic items you need for a smooth back-to-school transition. Don’t forget to sign up for their email notifications! You may also want to check out their selection of general interest books in your spare time!

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