What You May Have Missed: Winter 2022

Posted by Deea Deb on April 21, 2022

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Hey Lions! Exam season is here, and we understand that you may be busy with studying, deadlines, and more. So, we wanted to give you a lowdown of what you may have missed from the #YUBlog this term. We covered a ton of resources this term to help you succeed at university. If you haven’t been able to catch up on all our posts, it would be a good idea to bookmark some of these for the future!

Student Resources

Reflecting on Your Term

Before we can jump into the summer, it is crucial that we reflect on the term and understand what has gone well, what hasn’t, and how we can improve. This post offers some helpful prompts to get you started.

Student Services Explained by Students

As students, it can get hard to balance everything, especially during the busy exam season. It’s always important to reach out for help when you need it. No matter which campus you are on, there are plenty of student services available to you! Each service focuses on a different aspect of student life and is there to assist you by providing guidance and information. Read this post to learn more about the resources that you have at York.

Study Resources

Reading, Note-taking, and Study Strategies that Every University Student Must Know

The process of studying at university is very different from that at high school. While most of us realize this fact after a term or two, we are here today to let you in on some study secrets so that you don’t have to struggle. This #YUBlog takes you through study techniques that can help you succeed at York!

Five Ways in Which the Writing Centre Can Help You with Assignments

Most of us think that we can only go to the Writing Centre with a complete draft. This is not true. You can go to them for help at any stage of your writing, including brainstorming! Read this post to learn more!

Summer Planning Resources

What Type of Procrastinator Are You?

Each of us is a different type of procrastinator. Although this does not cover every type of person, it can serve as a starting point for our personal reflections. This post shares a shortlist of four major types of procrastinators.

Five Mistakes You Make While Planning Your Day

Are you someone who juggles a ton of school-related and social activities? Calendar blocking is a useful tool, but it can sometimes set you back. Calendar blocking incorrectly (or inefficiently) can become overwhelming, thus, defeating its entire purpose. This #YUBlog post takes you through five mistakes that you may be making while planning your day.

What to Consider While Planning Your Summer Term

It is always easier to plan things when you know what you’re getting into. This YUBlog is here to tell you about what you need to consider while planning the upcoming Summer term. We are aware that not everyone wants to take classes over the summer, so we’ve divided this post into two sections: if you want to take summer courses and if you don’t. How convenient is that?

Preparing for the Summer 2022 Term

The Summer term begins Monday, May 9. So, to start you off on the right track here is a guide to help you enroll and get prepared for the upcoming term. 

Good luck with exams, Lions! See you in the summer!

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Deea Deb
Deea Deb

Deea Deb is a third-year English and Professional Writing major at York University. She loves reading, travelling, being organized, and writing. She hopes to help York students succeed at university.

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