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Posted by Alicia Bakshi on April 8, 2022

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Hey Lions! As students, it can get hard to balance everything, especially during the busy exam season. It’s always important to reach out for help when you need it. No matter which campus you are on, there are plenty of student services available to you! Each service focuses on a different aspect of student life and is there to assist you by providing guidance and information.

Through the #MeetYU campaign, we’ve heard from many different students about their experiences at York. One important aspect of this is their interactions with student services. To check out all the video interviews related to the #MeetYU campaign, head over to the York VP Students YouTube Channel.

Student Accessibility Services

In the video above, you’ll meet Katherine, a fourth-year Commerce student, and Christina, a first-year Master’s student. Katherine is also a social media assistant for Student Accessibility Services and she does a great job of explaining how important and impactful their supports are!

With knowledgeable and helpful counsellors, Student Accessibility Services make a difference in many students’ well-being. The academic accommodations they can provide for you take form in many different ways, depending on each student’s unique needs. The team provides support on an individual basis, with the intent of promoting individual student success, while also reducing stress by giving you support you need.

Student Counselling, Health and Well-being

Another great student service mentioned by Katherine and Christina is Student Counselling, Health and Well-being (SCHW). SCHW is great for being able to communicate with someone about your mental health and current status. Whether you’re interested in individual counselling or support groups, SCHW is a resource that many students can benefit from.

The walk-in counselling service is especially helpful if you are feeling extra stressed and are not looking for something recurring. If you are interested in multiple sessions, SCHW offers short-term counselling on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. They also have a list of other resources available to students such as workshops about mental health, physical well-being and more.

Career Education and Development Centre

In this interview, you’ll meet Ayesha, a Marketing student here at York, and Jennifer, a third-year student in York’s Honours Bachelor of Design program. They both talked about the impact of Career Education and Development (CED) had on their early careers as students, including tips on resumé and cover letter writing, interview practice and even job searching. For Ayesha, CED’s services helped her make connections in her field and land her first internship.

Career exploration can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know where to start. Personally, I’ve benefited from Career Education and Development Centre at Glendon, who were able to help me with my French and English documents as well as my job search. Career Counsellors are able to guide you in the right direction after establishing your career goals and interests. They can also connect you with job opportunities and important resources to further inform your search.

I had a great time chatting with Diego! Since we are both from Glendon, we were able to connect on so many topics. One thing that we both loved about Glendon was the vibe of the campus. If you haven’t visited Glendon, it has this very calm and cozy atmosphere that makes it a great study spot with relaxed vibes.

These interviews included highlights of some of the services at York but there are more! Be sure to browse My Online Services to see all the services offered to students, as well as a ton of helpful resources for your academic record, enrolment, checking grades and more.

Tell us about your experiences with York’s Student Services in the comments below, and again, you can check these videos out on the VP Students Youtube Page!

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Alicia Bakshi is a third-year French Studies and English Studies double major with Concurrent Education at York University (Glendon College). She loves music, fitness and reading. Alicia hopes to help current and future students at Keele and Glendon learn more about student life!

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