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Posted by Alicia Bakshi on January 18, 2022

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Do you believe in new year’s resolutions? We do! And our 2022 resolution is to prioritize mental health and general wellness. When we think of goals, it is very easy to only think of grades, and achievements. But unless we are mentally and physically healthy, achieving these quantitative goals will be very difficult. Don’t worry though… Deea and I have got you covered! This #YUBlog is all about how you can take care of your mental health, some pro tips from us and a ton of free resources that can be super helpful.  

Three essentials of a healthy mind and body at university


We all know that exercise is good for your physical health, but did you know that it also provides a sense of well-being? Exercising can sharpen your memory, increase positivity, allow for a more relaxed day and a better sleep. Personally, I enjoy working out since it relieves stress and helps me clear my mind. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need become a full-on fitness fanatic but implementing a little bit of physical activity each day could prove to be beneficial. Even a short walk outdoors would give you a quick break and relieve some stress. Be sure to listen to your body and its needs! 

Pro tip from Alicia: Assignments and exams can get to us at times. But it is important to stay healthy. Here are some tips on staying healthy this season

Healthy eating:

Ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? Healthy eating is a huge part of taking care of yourself. You want to fuel your body with nutritious foods that will get you all the nutrients you need. Personally, I find it easier to make healthier choices when I purposefully put processed snack foods like chips, further out of reach. Most times, the extra effort in simply getting that snack is enough to encourage me to choose a healthier option. Also consider preparing these healthier snacks beforehand so that when you are hungry, you have one ready to go!

Pro tip from Deea: I know, I know, cooking healthy meals everyday can be a drag. So we’ve curated five budget-friendly and yummy meals that are super easy to make. If you are someone who stress-eats, you can avoid that by managing your stress levels. Here are five ways to manage stress at university

Managing time:

Productivity doesn’t mean being busy all day. I’ve noticed that if I give myself the entire day to work, I will keep working from morning till night. This is called Parkinson’s Law which states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Working like this usually burns me out in a week. Therefore, I’ve set myself the target of finishing the day’s work by 6:00 p.m. everyday. This allows me to use my time effectively and not overload myself. The best part is that after 6:00 p.m. I get to do whatever I want as a reward! Now, this may not work for everyone. So, find out what works for you and implement it in your life.

Pro tip from Alicia: Test out different studying methods and techniques to find one that works best for you! Personally, I find that I’m most productive when I have a countdown during my study times. Check out our blog post about Time Management Tips for York U Students for more suggestions! 

Our recommendations to help you stay productive and healthy! 

Yes, it is possible to do both! If you follow the recommendations we give in these posts, you will become a pro at staying healthy and motivated to work. You can thank us later!

Free resources offered by York 

Free resources offered by other organizations 

  • Good 2 Talk (for post-secondary students in Ontario)  
    1-866-925-5454 or text GOOD2TALKON to 686868.
  • keep.meSAFE (for post-secondary students outside of Ontario and Canada) For real-time telephone support, please call: 1-844-451-9700 (Canada & USA) / +1-416-380-6578 (anywhere else) or Download the My SSP app. 
  • Toronto Distress Centres 
    416-408-4357 or 408-HELP (hold times may be greater than 15 minutes)
  • Ontario Mental Health Helpline 

Also, be sure to check out the York event schedule for Bell Let’s Talk Week. There are some great events, initiatives and resources! Let us know in the comments below what your resolutions for 2022 are. 

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Alicia Bakshi

Alicia Bakshi is a third-year French Studies and English Studies double major with Concurrent Education at York University (Glendon College). She loves music, fitness and reading. Alicia hopes to help current and future students at Keele and Glendon learn more about student life!

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