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Posted by Alicia Bakshi on November 19, 2021

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The Glendon Campus is what I like to call Keele’s cozier and bilingual counterpart. Beautiful buildings and lush greenery will make you fall in love with this campus, which is what happened to me.  With over 85 acres of land and a strong sense of community, the campus is the home away from home to over 2700 students, all studying in a variety of programs.

Glendon is a multilingual campus and offers programs both in French and English to help reflect Canada’s cultural diversity. With its bilingualism, tight-knit community, international connections, many language classes and beautiful scenery, Glendon has so much to offer!

I’m currently in my third year of double majoring in French Studies and English Studies and a part of the Concurrent Education program at Glendon. Since I had the opportunity to study on campus, I’ve picked out a few of my favourite spots on campus that I feel are a must-see when visiting Glendon. Whether it is your first time on campus or not, be sure to check out these great spots!

The Centre of Excellence / Le Centre d’excellence

Exterior of The Centre of Excellence on Glendon Campus at dusk

Are you looking for a study spot with a view? The Centre of Excellence (COE) is one of the first buildings you will see upon arrival.  This gorgeous glass building is home to the Glendon Career Centre, the Writing Centre, some lecture halls, a Tim Hortons (because we all need coffee!), the Skyroom and some great study spots. The Skyroom is a spacious room located on the third floor of the COE with 3 glass walls so it has a great view of the front entrance.

Although it can get busy sometimes, the COE is a nice place to study, especially if you prefer working with some background noise. Personally, I love sitting on the second floor while working on an essay and watching different cars enter and exit the campus. If you are visiting, be sure to head up to the third floor to check out the view!

Glendon Fun-Fact: Did you know that the name Glendon stems from a combination of the word “glen” which means valley and “don” for the Don River?

The Glendon Manor / Le Manoir Glendon

Exterior of Glendon Manor on Glendon Campus in Spring.
The Glendon Manor is especially beautiful in the Spring and Fall!

Always wanted to study in a mansion? Next up on the must-see list is the Glendon Manor, arguably the most iconic building on the Campus. The Manor is not just a place for lecture halls. It also houses the Lunik Co-operative Café, which is one of the best hangout spots on campus. It offers sustainably sourced food from its own garden at student prices. Lunik is a great space for studying, club meetings or even events. I love going here to hang out with friends and grab a quick snack. The best part about Lunik, which has been upheld since its original conception, is the idea of being run as a co-operative to ensure that it remained “by students, for students,” (just like this blog!). In addition to that, most of what they sell is based on a “pay what you can” pricing style that is student-budget friendly. Check out their the Lunik Facebook page to learn more.

Glendon Fun-Fact: Did you know that the Glendon campus was actually York’s first campus? It opened in 1959 as the founding campus of York.

The Leslie Frost Library

When thinking of York University libraries, the first one that comes to mind is always Scott Library on Keele Campus. But one of my favourite study spaces on campus is the second floor of the Frost library. Something about working in this quiet space that overlooks the Rose Garden allows me to finish up so much work. However, the main floor of the library is equally great! With comfy seating and lots of space, it’s a great spot to have a study session with a friend. You can even book a study space for team planning or use the computer workstations for digital work. The library is one of the calmest and most relaxing spaces to study on either campus.

Glendon Fun-Fact: On your way up the stairs to the library’s second floor, you can see pictures of what the original bedrooms in the Manor looked like (before the mansion became a part of Glendon).

The Glendon Athletic Club (GAC)

The Glendon Athletic Club is available to all York community members.

The Glendon Athletic Club is Glendon’s fitness and athletics centre. Located behind the Manor and open to all York students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members, this centre has a pool, a boxing studio, a weight room, squash and tennis courts and a gymnasium. There are also many group exercise classes! If you are not coming directly from the lower parking lot, be prepared to walk the “stairs of doom”! These stairs are honestly most students’ morning workout and a great warm up if you’re heading to the GAC.

La Salon Francophone

Graffiti art mural spelling "Salon Francophone"
Drop into the Salon Francophone to test your French skills in a fun, non-judgemental environment.

The last stop on this must-see list is Glendon’s Salon Francophone located in the Breezeway (the main student study lounge located in between both of the quads). This one is for all those who are hoping to brush up on their French speaking skills or simply engage in conversations in French. It’s a welcoming and safe space to practice your French skills, no matter your level. The Salon’s team also hosts fun activities and events in French for all students, Francophone and Francophile, that allow a shared sense of pride in speaking the French language. Overall, it’s a great place to swing by if you are on campus.

Not only is Glendon filled with great study spots and social activities, but the campus has also so much to offer academically. If you’re interested in learning more about programs and student life at Glendon, follow Glendon’s eAmbassadors! You can even book a 15-minute conversation with a current student studying your prospective program! In addition, you can always connect with the Glendon Liaison team regarding any questions or concerns.

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Alicia Bakshi

Alicia Bakshi is a third-year French Studies and English Studies double major with Concurrent Education at York University (Glendon College). She loves music, fitness and reading. Alicia hopes to help current and future students at Keele and Glendon learn more about student life!

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