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Posted by Deea Deb on June 8, 2021

Academic Success

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Are you looking for resources to help you manage remote learning? Well, you‘ve come to the right place. York has many resources to help you productively handle online learning and succeed in achieving not only your academic, but career goals too! Here are five awesome guides that you must have in your toolkit for success.

Student Guide to Remote Learning

Illustration of a student's desk at home, with a laptop, papers and plants on the desk.
Having a regular study routine and/or a study space will help you adapt to remote learning!

Remote learning can be challenging, and this guide will help you straighten things out. From adapting to learning remotely, tips for studying, completing coursework, writing online exams and accessing York’s virtual resources, this guide has everything you need to excel at university!

Success tip: It is always a good idea to start early and ask for help early. Procrastinating until the last minute will only add to your stress and anxiety.

Student Guide to eClass

If you are new to York, you may or may not have heard about eClass. eClass is York’s course website (and app) where instructors post everything related to your courses. This guide takes you through setting up your eClass dashboard and Mobile App, using Zoom in eClass, how to access discussion forums, quizzes and grades. It also has a module on recording journal entries!

Success tip: If you run into any issues or can’t find what you are looking for, get in touch with the University IT team (UIT).

The New Student Guide to Group Work

Watch this introductory video on the New Student Guide to Group Work!

If this is the first time that you are doing a group project, this guide is a must-read. This guide offers you an introductory video and three modules—understanding the team, communicating effectively and planning the project—to help you engage in successful group work.

Each module contains a short video and a section titled Tips, Tools & Templates offering practical tips and downloadable checklists, activities, templates and more to help you engage effectively with group work at university.

Success tip: Before you try to understand your team, identify your own strengths and weaknesses, what talents and skills you bring to the group and what you want from the group work project, e.g. grade, skills-building etc. Check out the Self-Reflective Team Communication Exercise to get started! Remember to share your availability and the time you have to contribute to the group project. Check out Managing Time in University for time management tools.

Mature Student Guide

Are you returning to university as a mature student? Did you know that York is home to more than 6,000 mature students? The Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students or ACMAPS, is a home away from home for you. From virtual workshops to cafes to wellness events, ACMAPS helps mature students get settled at university.

Their latest resource is the Mature Student Guide that covers everything you need to know from admissions, transitioning into university, academic advising, how to succeed and how to plan your future.

Success tip: As a mature student, you will have access to Mature Student Mentors who are experienced, caring upper-year students that can help you to navigate the services at York, offer insights on how to succeed, make referrals to campus services or just be there to chat. It would also be a good idea to check out the ACMAPS events calendar

Career Exploration Guide

Split-screen of a search browser with a search of "York Career Exploration" and a word document with a student's list of job skills.
Strengthen your job search skills with the Career Exploration Guide!

The future may look uncertain right now but guess what—the future is always uncertain. That should not stop us from being prepared and Career Education & Development (CED) is here to help you with their Career Exploration Guide on Moodle! It is a one-stop shop to help students understand and develop their career aspirations. This guide takes you through learning about yourself, exploring your career options, looking for jobs, on the job success and provides additional resources that can help you in your career journey.

Success tip: If your future career is not your focus right now but you want to plan ahead and stay productive, check out these Six Ways to Plan Ahead! You should also check out CED’s events calendar to find workshops that can help you build you resume, write cover letters, strengthen interview skills and more! 

Let us know in the comments below if you have used any of these guides. We would love to know how they’ve helped you!

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Deea Deb
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