Benefits of Taking Summer Courses

Posted by Janet Nguyen on March 16, 2021

Academic Success

The end of semester is around the corner and it’s never too early to think about your next steps. Such as thinking of the next term– no, not Fall – but Summer!

Summer is always a great season if not solely for the weather. As students we can  take part in summer student employment or internships (make sure look at our post about LA&PS Opportunities). We already did a post covering some great Summer courses you may not know about but if you are on the fence for enrolling, we’ll go through the benefits of taking Summer courses!

Make sure to check in with your Academic Advisor to ensure the courses you are enrolling in are the ones you need for your degree.

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Focus more with less courses in the summer

Focused Attention

During the Fall/Winter Academic Session, most of us are enrolled in three to five courses. This is a lot of varied information we are absorbing! Why not take a break from having your attention everywhere to having your attention to one subject?

I find that I’ve always been completely absorbed when I take a Summer course. The curriculum is condensed and focused, and not having other classes allows you to learn and fully engage with the course material without having to split your study time as much.

Pandemic Learning

With vaccinations on the way we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel even though we’ll still be mostly learning remotely this summer. Why not use this time to learn something? There are plenty of great online courses that will help you gain some skills or knowledge over the summer!

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Complete your Gen Ed or Elective course requirements this summer!

Accelerate Your Degree or Lighten Your Load

Participating in summer courses can help get you that degree faster. To look up the available courses check out the York Courses website. Make sure you check out your Degree Requirements or Degree Progress Report and see what courses you need are available over the summer.

Taking a summer course or two can also help lighten your course load throughout the year! Making it easier and better for future you. For example, you can take your general education or elective courses and focus on your Major and Minor courses throughout the Fall and Winter terms!

Take a Course You Didn’t Know About

Or otherwise, wouldn’t consider! There are a variety of courses offered over the year and sometimes when we are focused on our major and minor courses there are some fun ones that slip by. Our post Six Summer Courses You May Not Know About has some fun ones you can enroll in this season!

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There are many interesting summer courses to explore that you may not be able to take during the fall and winter terms

Those are just some of the many benefits we can think of for taking Summer Courses. Let us know if you have any other benefits to summer courses, tweet us @YorkUStudents or comment below.

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Janet Nguyen
Janet Nguyen

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