Five Courses You Might Not Know About for Winter Term

Posted by Janet Nguyen on December 1, 2020

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Wow! It’s already December and we are gearing up for Winter Break. Next term is less than a month away, so we wanted to share some fun and non-traditional courses that you may not know about for Winter. These are great general education and elective courses that I found to be exciting, that you still have time to enrol in. So without further ado, here they are!

Exploring the Solar System (SC/NATS 1570)

Do you stare at the stars and wish you knew a little bit more about all the fascinating things going on out there? This three-credit course is a perfect one to complement your schedule. Join this class to explore the science of the solar system, including the structure of the planets and other objects within it and its dynamic processes!

Introduction to Design: Practice and Appreciation (for non-majors) (FA/DESN 1010)

Design is everywhere around us, including the blog you’re reading right now! If you’ve always had an interest in it, sign up for this three-credit blended course. You’ll get involved with hands-on projects that will help you develop basic literacy in visual communication design. You’ll also gain an appreciation of design in society at large and how it affects our daily life!

Success Tip: Not sure what a “blended course” is? Check out our previous post, “Remote Learning 101: Course Codes and Finding Your Course on eClass” for a good breakdown of all the terminology around courses, as well as some other helpful tips for developing your schedule!

Forensic Science – An Introduction (SC/NATS 1575)

Have you been listening to a lot of true crime podcasts during lockdown like I have? Well then, you might be interested in this three-credit course which covers how science is applied to the law. You’ll be introduced to the principles of science, techniques and the role of the expert witness in crime. The course material also covers topics such as the analysis of drugs, fire residues, blood spatter, DNA and more.

Stories in Diverse Media (AP/HUMA 1780)

Now more than ever are we leaning a critical eye to the mediascape that surrounds us and questioning how much of it truly reflects the world. If you’re interested in critically examining the recurrent stories and themes that have been realised in a variety of media from film to literature to music, sign up for this six-credit course. You will study literature, films, and philosophy and gain some good food for thought.

Acting for Non-Majors (FA/THEA 1520)

Ever wanted to dip your toe into the theatre world and try your hand at being someone else? This three-credit course is an introduction to acting for non-majors. You’ll be introduced to breath/alignment/basic voice work, physical warm-ups, and improvisation. Explore tactics, character development, monologues and journal writing. Note: There are two rehearsal hours per week.

We hope this list has provided you with some course options for the Winter term. These courses are a great way to round out your university education and get instruction from experts in various fields that you may not have thought of pursuing.

If you have questions about choosing your courses, please reach out to your Academic Advising office.

Let us know in the comments below about your favourite courses or a course that you were surprised to find!

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Janet Nguyen
Janet Nguyen

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