Academic Advising at York

Posted by Mia Tran on September 15, 2020

Academic Success

York University has more than 100 undergraduate programs: with so many options, it’s important to find academic advice specific to your program. This is where York’s Academic Advising professionals come in! If you have any questions about your academic pathway, from your general education courses to degree requirements, you should reach out to an Academic Advisor. These individuals work with their colleagues in the York Community to create a web of support where students can ask for advice or guidance about programs, units or Faculties at York. Continue reading today’s #YUBlog post about Academic Advising to learn more about this amazing resource!

Success Tip: YU START is a great tool for first-year York students. YU START can help you understand the course selection process, your degree checklist, how to book an Academic Advising appointment and more! You can visit an Academic Advisor any time during your years at York!

Peer Mentorship Program

What is Academic Advising?

Academic Advising is a key service that provides students the opportunity to work closely with a knowledgeable expert and access the information and guidance they need to succeed in their academic careers. It is also a support resource that enables students to speak with advisors who can help them make the right academic decisions. It’s not only for first-year students either: ALL students – be they in second, third or fourth year – will benefit from regular interactions with an academic advisor.

Success Tip: It’s important to be prepared when you see your Academic Advisor so your appointment runs as smoothly as possible. Make sure you come ready with questions and an understanding of your program’s Degree Requirements and your Degree Progress Report.

It’s a good idea to share your academic plans and ideas with your Academic Advisor, so they can help you make suitable academic decisions!

Why Should I Use Academic Advising?

As a York student, you should take advantage of the support offered by Academic Advising professionals. These advisors can help you make informed and thoughtful choices about your academic pathway as you progress through your program.

More importantly, Academic Advisors can keep your informed about:

  • Faculty and academic policies;
  • Your program and degree requirements;
  • Degree options (major/minor/certificate);
  • Electives and general education courses;
  • Your graduation status;
  • Your Degree Progress Report and academic standing;
  • Peer mentoring and study groups; and
  • Referrals to academic and campus services/resources.

You can visit your Academic Advisor as many times as needed at any point throughout your studies. However, it’s a good idea to go at least once a year for a periodic degree progress check-in with your advisor to make sure you’re on track toward completing your degree!

How do I contact an advisor during COVID-19?

Your Academic Advisor is available online/remotely. Each Faculty has different contact info, so be sure to find the right advisor for your Faculty. Visit the Academic Advising Office web page to see how your Faculty is providing their services remotely. The page is organized by Faculty, so make sure you’re getting in touch with the correct advisor.

If you need any information about your academic advisor, try the links above or visit the main Academic Advising Offices web page for links to all the different pages. If you can’t find your academic advising office (virtually), let us know in the comments or on Twitter @yorkustudents. We hope this guide has been helpful!