Submitting Your Student Financial Profile

Posted by York & U on August 25, 2020


With the Fall term fast approaching, it’s time to complete your Student Financial Profile (SFP)! Read on to find out how to apply for your SFP, upcoming application deadlines and the recent changes to the Work/Study program at York.

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A Financial Aid Advisor at Keele or Glendon can answer any questions you may have about your finances.

What is the Student Financial Profile (SFP)?

The Student Financial Profile (SFP) is a multi-purpose online application form that you can use to apply for scholarships, bursaries and on-campus employment programs such as Research at York (RAY), Work/Study, and Leadership, Engagement and Ambassadorship Program (LEAP).  

Normally, you should complete your SFP at the start of each academic session: once for the Fall/Winter session and once for the Summer session.

How do you apply for the SFP?

Get to grips with how to apply for your Student Financial Profile in this short clip:

Success Tip: Make sure you submit your SFP by the required deadline to so you don’t miss the chance of receiving funding and valuable work experience.

What are the deadlines?

Award application deadlines vary, so it’s worth setting some time aside to fully explore the scholarships and awards that may be available to you, and when they are all due. In the meantime, here’s a round-up of the key Fall/Winter 2020-2021 SFP-related dates for your calendar:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards – Deadline to apply is October 15, 2020.
  • Work/Study Program (Work/Study, LEAP and RAY) – Deadline to apply is February 19, 2021.
  • York University Undergraduate Bursary – Deadline to apply is March 12, 2021.
  • Graduate Studies Bursary and Awards – Deadline dates vary by bursary/award, so check the Funding and Awards page for more details.
Jot down all of the key application deadlines, so you never miss a funding opportunity!

The SFP and Scholarships

York U offers many scholarships to students every year through the SFP application. You can explore your scholarship options using the following resources:

The SFP and the Work/Study Program

All students must submit their Student Financial Profile to be eligible for the Work/Study program. Did you hear about the recent changes to the program? It is now available to students regardless of their financial situation, and also gives full-time international students and part-time domestic students the opportunity to participate. Now even more students have access to the 1,900 student jobs available on campus at York U each year, to earn alongside studying and gain valuable work experience to prepare for life after graduation!

Success Tip: Read all about the updated program in our recent blog post, “Exciting Changes to the Work/Study program that will Benefit You!” and how you can start “Applying for On-Campus Jobs” now.

There are three kinds of positions under the Work/Study umbrella at York U:

  • General Work/Study: In a Work/Study position you will support a relevant department/faculty in a clerical, administrative or technical role. Expect experiential on-the-job training, guidance and mentorship from permanent staff to gain the skills and experience needed to excel in the workplace.
  • Research at York (RAY): In a RAY position, you will gain hands-on research experience and skills in a workplace environment whilst providing the relevant faculty with meaningful research support.
  • Leadership, Engagement and Ambassadorship Program (LEAP): Gain crucial leadership, peer mentoring, and peer support skills through a LEAP position by engaging undergraduate students and enhancing the overall student experience at York U. Such positions include: YU Start Leader, Student Recruitment Ambassadors and Peer Educators/Mentors.
Apply for a Work/Study position at York U through Experience York to gain hands-on work experience!

Aside from gaining valuable work experience, as part of your Work/Study or LEAP experience you will participate in Becoming YU, a program designed to support students to create meaningful goals, identify their key skills and much more. Becoming YU allows you to collaborate with a coach and set meaningful goals that can enhance your professional development.

The RAY, Work/Study and LEAP programs are all unique to York U and provide students with many exciting opportunities to launch their careers. You can find more information about York U’s Work/Study program on the SFS’s Work/Study Program webpage.

RAY positions support the innovative, research culture of York U.

The sooner you submit your Student Financial Profile, the sooner you can apply for the Fall/Winter Work/Study program’s positions which will be posted on the Career Centre website, so get in there early!

Need some more information? Visit the Student Financial Services website for additional information or resources you may need for completing the SFP. If you have any questions about submitting your Student Financial Profile, please comment below or tweet us @YorkUStudents.

Note: This post is an updated version of a post by Sophie Morgan who updated an original post by York & U.