Eight Courses You Didn’t Know are Offered at York

Posted by Deea Deb on June 10, 2020

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Enrolment for Fall/Winter 2020-2021 begins June 30 for continuing students (new students have been/will be advised of their dates through YU START or their academic advisors). Sometimes it can be difficult to select the perfect general education and elective courses from the thousands of courses offered by York. We want to take this opportunity to highlight eight exciting courses you probably didn’t know were offered at York U this upcoming academic session.

1. AP/GER 1791 6.00 The Fairy Tale: From Grimm To Disney

AP/GER 1791 6.00   The Fairy Tale: From Grimm To Disney

Studying Engineering but also love fairy tales? Then this course is perfect for you! It examines fairy tales in the context of their longevity, origin and ever-changing roles in media and popular culture. Discuss family drama, the struggle for survival, sexual desire, the quest for happiness and much more in some of the most iconic pieces of literature.

2. AP/HUMA 1106 9.00 Egypt in the Greek and Roman Mediterranean

AP/HUMA 1106 9.00   Egypt in the Greek and Roman Mediterranean

Are you fascinated with ancient Egyptian culture, pyramids and what life was like in that civilization? AP/HUMA 1106 Egypt in the Greek and Roman Mediterranean explores Egyptians from the eyes of the Greek and Roman Empires.

3. AP/WRIT 1703 6.00 Writing Process: Invention, Originality, and Ethics

AP/WRIT 1703 6.00   Writing Process: Invention, Originality, and Ethics

Writing is a big part of university regardless of your program. You will have essays, group projects and exams – all of which involve lots of writing. AP/WRIT 1703 is a six-credit course that will help you develop and sharpen your research, writing, and critical thinking skills through the study of writers in the act of writing.

4. SC/NATS 1560 3.00 Understanding Food

SC/NATS 1560 3.00   Understanding Food

Calling all foodies as well as those who are health-conscious! SC/NATS 1560 is a study of what food is, where it comes from and the roles various foods play in human nutrition and health. Understand the scientific and technological aspects of modern food production such as genetics, farming, fishing and beverage industries with this course.

5. SC/NATS 1585 3.00 Astronomy: Exploring the Universe

SC/NATS 1585 3.00   Astronomy: Exploring the Universe

Are you fascinated by how the universe works, but are pursuing a different degree? In this course, you can explore the universe beyond our solar system, gain an understanding of how gravity triggers fusion reactions, probe how space and time are related via Einstein’s theories of relativity, discover how distant galaxies help explain the development of the universe and much more!

If you’re not interested in the course, but still have an interest in the stars and beyond, don’t forget York U has its own state-of-the-art observatory, the Allan I. Carswell Astronomical Observatory. While it is currently closed for public viewing as per COVID-19 regulations, they are providing online public viewings through their YouTube channel. Check out the online viewing schedule and block your calendars.

6. FA/ARTH 1900 3.00 Art in the City

FA/ARTH 1900 3.00   Art in the City

Maybe you’re in a Science program but like to dabble in the arts. FA/ARTH 1900 Art in the City introduces non-majors to art issues, practices and research by exploring the relationship between Toronto’s cultural history and multifaceted art scene. Wondering how to explore the arts while self-isolating? Check out #YUBlog’s post on Explore the Arts While Physical Distancing.

7. FA/VISA 1006 3.00 The Photographic Experience

FA/VISA 1006 3.00   The Photographic Experience

If you are thinking of improving your photography skills and maybe someday pursuing a photo-journaling career, FA/VISA 1006 The Photographic Experience is a great place to start. Develop basic skills through interactive lectures, tutorials and peer interactions and move one step closer to excelling in your creative talents.

8. GL/MODR 1711 6.00 Critical Thinking

GL/MODR 1711 6.00   Critical Thinking

Every university program requires you to be able to think critically and present arguments on texts, global issues and case studies. GL/MODR 1711 Critical Thinking will develop your ability to read, write and think critically and not only help you succeed academically but also prepare you professionally.

We hope you enjoyed our list of eight courses you didn’t know were offered at York U in the Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Academic Session! We encourage you to consider taking one of these courses and continue to explore more classes that York U has to offer. Happy enrolling, Lions!

If you have questions about choosing your courses, please reach out to your Academic Advising office.

Let us know in the comments below about your favourite courses or a course that you were surprised to find!

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Deea Deb
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