Preparing for the Summer 2020 Term

Posted by Natasha Douglas on April 23, 2020

Academic Success

As the Summer 2020 Session is getting closer, a lot of you must have questions about how this session will unfold. We all learned that summer online courses have now been finalized and begin May 11. Below we’ve made a guide to help you enrol and get prepared for the Summer 2020 session.

1. Enrolling for the Summer

The revised Summer 2020 course offerings have now been finalized and the complete list is available on the York Courses Website. This finalized version saw some changes on April 17, so if you had enrolled in Summer 2020 courses before then, we’d recommend double-checking to see if your courses have changed at all. 

When you look up summer courses on the York Courses Website, take note of whether or not there is a time specified for the course. If there is, it means that the course instructor will lead an online class at that time. If there is no time indicated, it means that there are probably no instructor-led classes with this course. It’s a good idea though to check your course Moodle site for any additional information about how your course is being delivered.

If you need some guidance regarding enrolment, you can check the Undergraduate Enrolment and Registration Guide

2. Plan Your Schedule

Once you have determined the courses you want to take, you can use the Visual Schedule Builder to plot course schedules.

Taking classes online doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have more spare time. So, when you’re planning your schedule make sure to give yourself enough time to take a break between lectures and tutorials so you are not overwhelmed with materials. You can use the Visual Schedule Builder to help you plan the best schedule for you.

What works for you? Take some time to build your schedule and plan accordingly.

3. Resources for Summer Online Courses

A lot of us planned to take summer courses even before this pandemic happened – what we may not have planned for was to have all our courses online. Below are some resources for online learning that you may find helpful. You can also check on the My Online Services website for more resources and online ways of accessing services.

To find out more about online classes, please visit the Fully Online Courses guide.
  • If you don’t have a computer at home that you can use for your online courses, you can borrow a laptop from York’s IT Helpdesk. To register for a laptop, go here and follow the process under “If you don’t have a computer at home.” 
  • York’s Learning Skills Services has a number of online learning resources and tips. 
  • Faculty Academic Advising Offices are available virtually to assist you with your advising needs. 
  • Student Accessibility Services is available virtually to support your academic accommodation needs. 
  • York University’s Libraries are still available off-campus with a large collection of  academic resources to help you with your assignments. 

And don’t forget to nurture your own health and wellness while you’re enrolled in summer courses (or even if you aren’t taking summer courses.) Here’s some resources to help with that:

We hope this post helps you get started in the Summer 2020 Session. Please keep an eye on your email to stay updated with any new information. We hope you have a great summer!