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Posted by York & U on January 21, 2020

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As students, the skills we gain from our schoolwork is very valuable and we often use them in personal and professional settings even after we have graduated. Alongside this set of skills and knowledge, it can be beneficial to develop skills that are specific to the workplace. Developing these workplace-specific competencies can give you a head start in your career and help to fill gaps in your resumé. But how are you supposed to do this as a full-time student? Well, in this #YUBlog post, we are going to show you how online learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning might be a solution! 

What is LinkedIn Learning? 

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that offers more than 5,000 online non-credit courses. Think of a topic or skill you’d like to develop and search for courses in that area. 

York University offers students and faculty a FREE membership to LinkedIn Learning. You simply log in using your Passport York credentials!  

Online learning platforms can help to bridge any skills or experience gaps in your resume 

Benefits of LinkedIn Learning Courses 

Courses on LinkedIn Learning give you the opportunity to learn about various fields you may be unfamiliar with or looking to develop knowledge in. Most courses start off by providing a basic foundational view of a topic then move into more detail, giving learners an all-encompassing understanding of the subject. 

You can also set learning goals to track and maintain your progress; for example, watching 30 minutes of course material per week. Once a course is completed, LinkedIn provides you with a certificate to display on your LinkedIn profile, helping you to promote your new skills. In addition to displaying certificates on your profile, you can add a description of any completed courses to the skills section of your resumé, showcasing your knowledge of that subject when applying for a job!  

Whether you are trying to enhance current skills or build new skills specific to an industry, a particular job or a desired career, there are many courses to choose from with videos that are easy to follow.   

How to Navigate LinkedIn Learning 

Courses on LinkedIn Learning are made up of video segments organized under topic headings. Once you start a course the videos in the course playlist will automatically play. To receive the course certificate, individuals must watch all of the videos in a course. 

When searching for courses, you can search for individual courses, specific videos or career paths. Specific videos are short excerpts from courses that may be beneficial if you are looking to quickly find information about a topic. Career paths include several courses to give individuals an in-depth view of a particular skill, industry or profession. 

You can see available course certificates from the sidebar of any course. This marketing foundations course has one certificate available for download once individuals complete the course. 

Some courses also include course assessments. These are short quiz-like questions that assess your knowledge of the subject. Once you pass the assessment, you can display the confirmation of passing the assessment on your profile alongside the certificate, showing that you‘ve mastered the course material. 

You can choose to filter your search by “type” as seen above and search for resources such as links, documents or a learning collection, which is a group of videos about a specific topic. 

Taking courses through LinkedIn Learning can greatly expand your skillset while still at university, giving you a competitive advantage in your post-grad job searches. It also gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain a certificate to display on your LinkedIn profile, closing any skills or experience gaps you may have. 

Conveniently enough, you can easily access LinkedIn Learning for free by using your Passport York log in

What kind of work are you interested in pursuing after graduating? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @YorkUStudents ! 

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    michel chedjou

    Currently, I’m an active Employee & Alumni of York University working for the Parking and Transportation Services. I have been assigned to take courses on LinkedIn Learning and training under my department

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    michel chedjou

    I work for Parking & Transportation Services and I’m here undergoing learning and training using LinkedIn Program with my Laptop Computer

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    Michel Chedjou

    No comment yet. However, video watch and listening a course is similar to lecture or learning room

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