Why is the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) asking for your SIN?

Posted by York & U on January 16, 2020


Tax season is right around the corner, Lions, and this year you’ll need to add an extra piece of information to your Student Personal Information record for the new T2202 tax form. The Registrar’s Office has reached out this week via email to all 2019 tax-eligible students to provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN) in your Student Personal Information record. This is in compliance to the Canada Revenue Agency’s mandate stipulated in Subsection 237(1) of the Income Tax Act, which requires that you provide your SIN, upon request, to whoever prepares the information slip, which in your case, is York University.

Don’t forget to make sure that all the other information on your Student Personal Information record is accurate!

How do I add my Social Insurance Number to my Student Personal Information record?

Easy! Log in to your Student Personal Information record.

Click the “Provide/Update Social Insurance Number” button (below) and log in to the secure site using your Passport York credentials.

Click on “My social insurance number.”

Click on “Update Social Insurance Number.”

Enter your SIN and click “Update Social Insurance Number.”

Now you’re done!

What is the T2202?

T2202’s are tuition tax receipts issued to all students for tuition and applicable mandatory fees related to the calendar year (January to December 2019 in this case). They show the amount of tuition and applicable fees that can be deducted for income tax purposes.

I never had to submit my Social Insurance Number before, why now?

The CRA replaced the T2202A form with a new T2202 form this year. The new form requires your Social Insurance Number (SIN) to be reported. Since York University prepares the tax information slip, your SIN needs to be provided in your Student Personal Information Record.

I am an international student and do not have a SIN number, what do I do?

Some international students do not have a Social Insurance Number. If you have not been issued a SIN, then no action is required. Reasons for not being issued a SIN include:

  • Your study permit states that you cannot work in Canada
  • You have not worked in Canada to date and have not applied for a SIN
  • You are not planning on staying in Canada after graduation
  • Your program is located outside of Canada

Is my information secure?

All the information you provide to York University is private. Your Student Personal Information is maintained on a secure site accessible only with your Passport York login. Details about the collection and use of personal information and disclosure of personal information are available on York University’s Policy on Access to Student Records and Protection of Privacy.

Your 2019 T2202 and T4A tax forms will be available for download from the Tax Forms Module (TFM) after February 28, 2020.

If you are uncertain about whether or not you have, or should have a SIN, please contact Registrarial Services.



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