Benefits of Getting Involved On Campus

Posted by York & U on September 17, 2019

Student Life

Being a student is a unique, exciting experience. So how do you make sure that you are getting the most out of your time at university? At York U, there are plenty of ways to get more involved in student life, without leaving campus!  

Whether you want to start volunteering or working on campus, or you are thinking about joining an intramural team or student club, there really is something for everyone. In this #YUBlog post, we’ll show you that by getting more involved in York U student life, you can become part of a community, expand your resumé and try something new. 

Getting involved can help improve your university experience in many ways.

1. Meeting Friends and Building a Community

Getting more involved in campus activities, work or events is a great way to meet new people with similar interests. This is especially useful for first year students, who may not know as many people at York U yet. Joining a club or organization is the perfect way to put yourself out there and make some new friends. 

During my first year, I joined the eAmbassador team at Glendon campus where I met a group of like-minded students who were also interested in blogging. Alongside our interest in blogging, we all wanted to be part of the close-knit Glendon community and were eager to provide more information about Glendon to future students. Being part of this team has given me professional opportunities and the friends I made greatly added to my university experience.  

Success Tip: Your college is a great place to build your community. Check out our previous post “Six Reasons to Get Involved With Your College” for more on insights on the benefits of engaging with your college.  

By getting involved you can meet many people with similar interests!

2. Expanding Your Resume

Volunteering or working on campus can help you gain valuable skills for your future career. Finding a position in the Work/Study Program gives you hands-on work experience while you study, and you can often find a job in a field related to your studies or future career path. Want to get involved? Find out more about “Applying for On-Campus Jobs” in our previous post.  

Through working in various Work/Study positions, I have been able to expand my resume and work-related skills. These positions have helped me to gain work experience and develop a foundational skillset before graduating.  

Students in Work/Study positions can also participate in Becoming YU. Becoming YU is a program that allows students to set goals for developing certain skills within the positions they are working in. This is done through online training modules, check-ins and coaching by the student’s supervisor at their Work/Study position.  

Often students can gain experience towards their future career by getting involved on-campus.

3. Making Lasting Connections

You can make lasting connections with other students, professors, industry professionals and more through many different avenues at York U. Some of the ways you can build your network is by joining a club or association, participating in the T.A.S.T.E. Mentoring Program and working or volunteering on campus. 

Clubs & Associations

By getting involved, you can establish a network in your field and get to know people who are currently working in the industry you want to pursue. Many on-campus clubs and associations connect you with industry leaders by bringing in guest speakers and lecturers and hosting networking events. This helps students build connections that can launch their professional career.  

T.A.S.T.E. Mentoring Program 

In addition to on-campus clubs and associations, why not try the Career Centre’s T.A.S.T.E. Mentoring Program? This bite-sized program pairs York U students with a mentor over one informal meeting during which the mentor shares information about their job, industry and organization. It’s the perfect chance for students to ask questions, learn more about a role, organization or industry from someone who graduated from York U. If you are interested in participating in the program, you can apply through Experience York

Success Tip: If you want to learn more about how the program can help you with your professional goals, read our #YUBlog post, “How York U’s T.A.S.T.E. Mentoring Program can help you kickstart your career!”. 

Working & Volunteering 

Working or volunteering on campus are ideal ways to build your professional network while still in school. Getting involved this way can build your connections within a specific field or organization before graduating, and put you ahead of other applicants when searching for jobs post-graduation.  

Success Tip: Even if you do not have time to get too involved with a club or organization, keep a lookout for any special events or networking opportunities offered on campus. In February, Launch YU had a Speaker Series featuring York U alumni entrepreneurs where they shared challenges and successes in their businesses. One of the events was with the CEO of Pür, Jay Klein! Events such as these are a great opportunity for students to gain advice and build their network.  

Networking can be as easy as joining an on-campus club or organization!

4. Exercising Your Skillset

You can gain various professional skills from getting involved on campus. For example, if you become a Student Ambassador at York U, you will have the chance to give tours to prospective students which will help develop your presentation and leadership skills. Developing these skills can greatly help you in any future endeavors, even outside your career.  

From working in my Work/Study positions, I have gained many skills such as time management, communication and leadership skills. More specifically, I am now familiar with using various social media platforms for promotional purposes. I have also become familiar with using software such as WordPress and programs within Adobe Creative Suite.   

You can gain valuable skills by getting involved, which can be used in many aspects of your life in the future.  

5. Developing a New Interest

Do you want to learn how to dance? Are you interested in martial arts? By getting involved in a club, you can try something new and see whether it interests you, or simply explore an existing interest. With 300+ clubs on campus offered across York U, you are bound to find something that suits you!  

Interested in playing a sport, but don’t have a team? Check out the York University Sport and Recreation Site to discover various sports, group fitness classes and intramural teams on campus. 

Joining an intramural team is a great way to stay active and meet other students!

As you can see, getting involved on campus has numerous benefits towards your social life, professional career and in developing your interests. Unsure of where to start? Check out our previous post “Great Ways to Get Involved at York U” for more ways to get involved on campus! 

What on-campus clubs or associations are you involved with? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @YorkUStudents 

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    Marissa Davis

    Active participation in clubs and volunteering help me overcome my self-doubt. I am not the most active person, but I am always happy to help. My shyness prevents me from taking part in something big and public but I am happy to interact with my friends (whom I have made through volunteering).
    Being actively involved in university life gives you a new experience and the most important interaction practice that you will need in the future. Therefore, I believe that you should not stay away from this even if you are a very independent and self-sufficient student.