Registrarial Services: Avoid the Lineups

Posted by York & U on August 20, 2019

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Registrarial Services (RS) helps students with issues relating to enrolment, academic records, important documents and financial matters. Located in the Bennett Centre for Student Services, the Registrarial Services’ staff are problem solvers who help students with difficult questions and guide them to the appropriate resources, including Student Financial Services, the Registrar’s Office and more!

Although the RS staff are always here to help, we suggest you start by accessing services online first. This will save you time and energy! However, if you find yourself in a complicated situation or requiring assistance with a first-time task, make sure to stop by the Bennett Centre. 

Registrarial Services are located on the first floor of the Bennett Centre for Student Services, pictured above. Take a look at this panoramic view of the Bennett Centre to see the entrance of the building.

What is Registrarial Services?

Registrarial Services (RS) is the main reception area on the first floor of the Bennett Centre for Student Services. The RS is available to answer student questions and help direct students to the appropriate resources on campus. For example, after visiting Registrarial Services, you may be connected with representatives from the Registrar’s Office, Student Financial Services or the unit best suited for your situation. If you can’t solve your problem online (and 90% can be dealt with that way), it is best to visit Registrarial Services before seeking out the specific unit, as they will be able to connect you with the proper representative.

If you need help with directions, check out our previous post, “Know Where to Go on Keele Campus” for more information on locating buildings on campus.

Most of the services offered by Registrarial Services are conveniently available online for students. Below are some of their online services you may be looking for!

Money Matters

No matter if you are a first-year, a third-year or a fifth-year student, you may need some assistance with money matters. From making a payment to your Student Account Statement for the first time to submitting your Student Financial Profile, Registrarial Services can help students connect with the proper resources to help with various financial matters. The great thing is that most of these processes can be done online and you don’t need to come into Bennett, but if you find yourself in a more complex situation, they’re here to help!


Most OSAP issues can be solved online, so make sure to take your time to review the content so that you can avoid the lineup in Bennett (especially in the first few weeks of classes!).

However, if you need help with OSAP-related matters that you can’t find on York U’s OSAP webpage, or on the government site, Registrarial Services should be your next stop.

Whether you are looking for information about part-time loans and grants or trying to figure out if you can still apply for OSAP, a Registrarial Services representative would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Good to know: The OSAP webpages also have helpful information for certificate students, exchange students and non-degree students!

Check out York University’s OSAP Important Dates webpage to help you meet application requirements and receive your funding on time.

Student Financial Profile (SFP)

One of the most important tools related to finances for all students (and definitely something with which you want to get familiar in your time at York U) is the Student Financial Profile (SFP). You must fill out your SFP to be eligible to apply for scholarships, bursaries and on-campus employment programs. Once you have filled out your SFP, you can find awards, scholarships, prizes and bursaries through the SFS Award Search.

Success Tip: Check out our previous blog post “Submitting Your Student Financial Profile” for a guide on how to apply for the SFP!

Filling out the SFP is a requirement for on-campus employment opportunities such as LEAP, the Work/Study program or any research opportunity.

Manage Your Student Record

Registrarial Services provides front-line services related to student records, such as ID cards, transcripts and confirmation of enrolment. They also assist students with many other policies and procedures, including course enrolment, grades and convocation. The good thing is, you guessed it, most of this can be done online!

New to York U

If you’re new to York U, one of the first things you’ll want to look up before Orientation is your college affiliation. Your College will be your home base throughout your time at York U and will determine where your Orientation session is being held, so it’s a good idea to know your affiliation right off the bat. Another good first step is to verify all your information and look at your program details in case you want to know what you’ll be studying down the road. You can also bookmark your course and grade list so that you can stay on top of your marks.

Your College will be your home base throughout your time at York U and will determine where your Orientation session is being held, so it’s a good idea to verify your affiliation right off the bat.

Making a Program Change

As you move on through your career at York U, you may start thinking about what kind of courses you want to take down the road and life beyond York U. You may, therefore, want to change programs to one better suited to your goals and aspirations. If this is the case, you can request a program change online. This tool is also used to make degree and/or Faculty changes. Of course, there can be some unique situations when it comes to making a program change, so if you find you can’t make this change online or if you have any questions, Registrarial Services or your advising office can help.

Success Tip: If you’re considering a program change, take a look at our “Making a Program Change” blog post for more information!

Degree Progress Report

Once you are close to completing your credits toward your degree, you need to start viewing your Degree Progress Report (DPR) in order to confirm your eligibility to graduate (if your program uses the DPR). Once you’ve figured that out, you can apply to graduate online.

Note: If you are having trouble viewing your DPR, you can email with your full name, student number and current program of study along with a brief description of the problem you’re encountering. They will be happy to help you with any technical issues.

Enrolment Letter

There are many instances where you may request an enrolment letter. It could be to confirm that you are enrolled or graduated or a verification of enrolment for your RESP. Whatever the case, this can be done online too! 

If you are requesting an enrolment letter, you can request a customized letter depending on which details you would like the letter to verify.

Enrolment & Class Resources

York U provides various online tools to make your enrolment easier and help you find the resources to succeed in your classes. When considering which classes to take, you can use the Visual Schedule Builder to see how each class will fit in with the rest of your schedule. You’ll also use the online registration and enrolment module to enrol, drop or exchange courses in your schedule. You can also access your course timetable through their class schedule view.

Success Tip: Have a look at our previous blog post “Breaking Down the Visual Schedule Builder” for a guide on how to use this online tool.

Once you are enrolled in classes, you can use Moodle which is the online learning management system used by York University. You can also access your library account where you can review your checkouts, holds and renew items. 

Another key online tool is the Exam Schedule View. When the end of the term is approaching, this will give you the most up-to-date schedule for your exams. These pages won’t become available until closer to exam time, but make sure to keep an eye on it in case there are any changes to your schedule. Once June rolls around, you can also check when you can start enrolling in courses for the next academic term using the online Enrolment Windows tool.

If you are unable to access a resource using these online services, make sure to visit Registrarial Services in the Bennett Centre for help.

By using these online services, you can quickly get what you need and avoid the line-ups in the Bennett Centre. These self-service tools can be done from anywhere, so we recommend that you review all of the services offered online. If you have additional questions or a more complex request, make sure to come by Registrarial Services and speak with one of their staff members for help.