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Posted by Ayse Koca on August 6, 2019

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No matter your program or year of study, York University has several on-campus job programs and opportunities that are easily accessible to all students. Getting a job on campus can come with many benefits, including building your skillset and gaining experience that will prepare you for your career after graduation. In this #YUBlog post, we will be explaining the various types of on-campus jobs available to students and how to find them on the Career Centre’s online job posting and application system, Experience York!

Working an on-campus job is a great way to earn money and experience while completing your degree.

Types of Jobs Available

There are many different on-campus job opportunities available for students. A large portion of these jobs fall under the Work/Study Program. The Work/Study Program provides eligible undergraduate students (both domestic and international) with the opportunity to develop professional skills and contribute to the University through paid, on-campus employment opportunities. These jobs provide students with work experience in their field of study or in their desired career field. The job I currently work in as a Digital Communications Assistant in the Vice-Provost Student’s Office is also part of the Work/Study program. There are three kinds of positions under the Work/Study umbrella:

  1. General Work/Study: Students in these positions support their relevant department/Faculty while developing valuable, relevant skills and work experience for the work place.
  2. RAY: Students in Research at York (RAY) positions provide faculty members with meaningful research support. Students participate in research projects that will provide them with hands-on research experience.
  3. LEAP: The Leadership, Engagement & Ambassadorship Program helps students develop skills such as leadership, peer mentoring and peer support through jobs within the Faculties, colleges, program offices or University leadership units. LEAP was introduced this year as part of a new set of changes made to the Work/Study Program. You can read about these new changes in the #YUBlog post, “Exciting Changes to the Work/Study Program that Will Benefit You!” Examples of LEAP positions include YU Start Leader, Student Recruitment Ambassador and Peer Educator/Mentor.

The updated Work/Study program will now also give full-time international students and part-time domestic students the opportunity to participate in Work/Study positions!

Good to know: if you are an International Student, make sure to check your study permit for any conditions about working on or off campus. Take a look at York International’s Working in Canada As International Students webpage for more information. You can also see an International Student Advisor and Immigration Specialist at York International.

In order to be considered for a Work/Study position, students must complete their Student Financial Profile (SFP), separate from each job application. To complete your Student Financial Profile, simply visit the SFP homepage and click on “Apply Now” to fill out and submit your application.

The Student Financial Profile is also used to apply for scholarships and bursaries.

Finding an On-Campus Job on Experience York

This past summer, I used Experience York to find my current on-campus job.

Experience York is the Career Centre’s online job posting and application system. Here you can access job postings and keep track of all your previous applications, including uploaded application documents.

Although many on-campus jobs are part of the Work/Study Program, there are on-campus positions for students outside of Work/Study. 

To find job postings on Experience York, follow these easy steps:

1. Click on “Search Postings” on the homepage once you are logged in using your Passport York credentials.

2. Click “York University Career Centre Job Postings” when prompted by the pop-up.

3. Then, click on “Job Search.”

4. Here you can add various filters to your search. To search specific postings, scroll down to “Job Posting Information” and look at “Position Type.” You can opt to search for on-campus jobs outside work/study by selecting “on-campus”, or you can search for Work/Study, RAY or LEAP positions.

When I was searching through Experience York for my current job, I used the “Job Title” box to search for job titles including “communications.” This way, all the job titles that related to work in communications came up in the results. 

You can apply this search to various fields by entering various keywords such as “marketing” or “technician.” However, keep in mind that it is always beneficial to do a broad search through the postings, as some positions may not have their related field in the job title.

5. Once you are finished selecting your search criteria, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Search Job Postings” to see the results. The postings that match your criteria will be listed in the next page.

6. Once you have found a posting you would like to apply for, click on the post to see the requirements. One of the first things I always look for is the application deadline on the right side of the page. That way I know how much time I have to prepare my application package. If you are interested in the job posting, you can also shortlist the post!

7. Make sure to carefully read the application information at the bottom of the job description page. Here you can see what kind of supporting documents you’ll need. Some employers may require more than a resumé and cover letter, such as a sample from your portfolio. For example, my current job required that I upload a writing sample along with my resumé and cover letter.

8. Once you are ready to apply click the green “Apply” button at the top of the page. The site will then prompt you to provide the required documents in an application package.

If you haven’t applied to a job posting through Experience York before, you likely haven’t created an application package. An application package is a digital folder created on Experience York that contains all of the required documents for a specific job posting. To upload new documents, select “Create a Customized Application Package” and upload each individual document.

If you’ve already created an application package from a previous job posting, please be sure to look through the documents and check to see if you have everything the job posting requires and to see if the information is up to date! To use a previous application package, click on “Apply With an Existing Application Package.” The site will then list the previous job applications you made. Simply click on whichever one you would like to use and these documents will be used to create your application again.

9. Once you have uploaded the required documents, click on “Submit Application” at the bottom of the page to send in your application!

There are so many other benefits to on-campus positions that we haven’t listed here. For example, on-campus employers will consider your class schedule and plan shifts accordingly and you don’t have to commute long distances from work to class and vice versa. Personally, I have worked in three Work/Study Positions throughout my degree. They have provided me with experience in the communications and digital media fields while allowing me to build up my real-world skills, all while being a full-time student.

Hopefully this post has given you some insight into the various types of on-campus jobs and how you can find them. Good luck on your applications!

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Ayse Koca
Ayse Koca

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