International Student Guide, Part 3: Getting Ready for School

Posted by Ayse Koca on July 4, 2019

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In our recent edition of the International Student Guide series, we discussed resources available for international students upon your arrival to York University. This week, we will be sharing tips to help you succeed during your first week of classes at York U!

Get Your YU-card

Your YU-card is your official photo identification and student ID card. It is used to make purchases on campus (it is the card you load your Meal Plan onto) while also giving you access to services such as the library, recreation facilities, exams and more!   

You can get your YU-card at the Glendon or Keele campus. When picking up your card make sure to bring your York U student number and one piece of government-issued photo ID (such as a passport or citizenship card).   

Success Tip: Avoid line-ups by uploading your photo online before picking up your card using the online upload tool.

Your YU-card gives you access to many on-campus services, including your Meal Plan.  

Plot Your Timetable and Find Your Classrooms

View your class schedule using the Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) tool through Passport York. The VSB will enable you to see the time and location of each of your classes. Check out our previous post “Breaking Down the Visual Schedule Builder” for a guide on how to use it!

Success Tip: Make sure to double check the lecture rooms of your classes on your schedule during the first day of class to stay up to date with any room changes.

If you see an acronym of a building on your schedule and you’re unsure which building it is, take a look at the list of building acronyms at York U.

Once you get to York U, try to familiarize yourself with the location of your classes by finding them before your first day of class. This will let you explore more of the campus and even find your preferred study spots. Check out our blog post “Know Where to Go on Keele Campus” for a more in-depth guide to the Keele campus, and keep an eye out for part one of our Introduction to Glendon series for a guide to Glendon.

Check out the “#YUBlog’s Five Favourite Study Spots” to find quiet study spots around Keele.

Getting Your Textbooks

Finding your textbooks for your classes in advance is super easy using the York University Bookstore’s online course search tool!

Often students want to get their textbooks as quickly as possible, even before class starts. However, professors can sometimes make changes to the readings or tell you that a book on the reading list is not required. It can be helpful to wait until the first day of classes to buy your books, after your professor has confirmed which books are required for the course.

Success Tip: Save money on textbooks by checking to see whether one of the five York U libraries carries the books you’re looking for.

Find Your Residence on a Map

If you are going to be living in residence, be sure to locate where your residence is on a map so you know where you’ll be living in relation to other buildings on campus. Check out the Keele and Glendon maps below to find your residence!

Keele Campus

Not sure what you’ll need in residence? Read our “What to Bring to Residence” post.

For more information on Keele residences, visit the residence gallery.

Glendon Campus

Take a virtual tour of the Hilliard and Wood residences on the Glendon Campus!

For more information on Glendon residences, visit the Glendon Housing webpage.

If you are considering living off-campus, check out York University’s Off-Campus Housing site for homes near Glendon and Keele.

Resources to Remember

Keep in mind there are many resources on both campuses to support your success at York U! Below are just a few:

Check out our previous post “York U Resources for International Students” for more resources.

There you have it, future Lions! In two short months you will start the Fall term at York U and we hope these tips will help you settle in.

Do you have further questions? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @YorkUStudents!

Note: This is an updated version of a previous post by Simone.

Ayse Koca
Ayse Koca

Ayse Koca is a fifth-year political science major at York U. She enjoys writing, travel and purchasing unnecessary amounts of stationary. She hopes that her posts will help inform current and incoming York U students!

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