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Posted by Lauren Dick on May 30, 2019

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June is just around the corner and we are so excited to celebrate #YUPride with you! Whether you’re celebrating at York Pride events or are joining Pride Toronto at the marches downtown, there are a lot of Pride celebrations taking place all over the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA). We invite you to attend our York Pride events and get to know this wonderful community.

Pride Month honours inclusivity, and everyone – student, staff, faculty and/or visitors – should feel free to join the York U community at Pride events to show support, get involved and make new friends.

Join the Pride celebrations on campus and downtown!

Pride at York – Pride Community Quilt

Pride Month at York University is a time of celebration. Pride@York strives to empower people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions while promoting acceptance, inclusivity and diversity for York U’s 2SLGBTQIA community. Learn more about Gender Identity and Gender Expression in York U’s guide for students, faculty and staff.

In preparation for Pride Month 2019, SexGen York hosted a quilt-making community engagement event on Wednesday, May 15. The community quilt will be on display for Pride week once its assembled. To get an inside perspective of what this quilt means to the Pride@York community, we attended the Pride Community Quilt Event.

Here are the early stages of my quilt patch!

Chris Chapman, Chair of the SexGen Committee and Professor of Social Work, sees the Pride quilt as an interactive event that invites members of the 2SLGBTQIA community to engage in conversation and connect as a community.

“Each square will mean different things to different people.”
 – Chris Chapmen, Chair of the SexGen Committee and Professor of Social Work

While attending the event, we also spoke with other guests, including a student named Gabe. During our conversation, we asked them, “If you could say anything about Pride and/or Pride celebrations, what would you say?” We absolutely loved Gabe’s response:

“Be loud! Be screaming loud! [But also t]ake mind that LGBT+ identities intersect with a lot of different things and not everyone will have the same experience, even if you have a lot of things in common. Be open to that.”

I attended the event alongside my fellow blogger Ayse, who created the beautiful quilt patch above!

York U Pride Resources

York University also offers a variety of Pride-related clubs and organizations, support services and learning opportunities all year long. For a brief overview of these Pride resources, look at the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion’s “York has Pride” brochure. These groups may be campus-specific or geared towards faculty or students, so take your time to look through them and find the right one(s) for you!

York University – Students

York University – Faculty

All Campuses

Academic Advocacy

Equity and Benefits


Equity Caucuses

Note: A caucus is a sub-group of individuals from the same larger group that share a common goal. In this instance, the Queer Caucus is a sub-group of the larger Equity Subcommittee whose members identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, Two-Spirit, intersex, queer or questioning. Together they discuss the issues, needs or concerns of queer faculty members.

External Resources

External Resources

Egale – Canada Human Rights Trust is a fantastic resource that provides support to the Canadian 2SLGBTQIA community. They have many services, including the Egale Youth Services that helps youth who are experiencing homelessness. Egale also offers many other valuable programs such as the You Can Play Canada and Two Spirits, One Voice initiatives.

You may also find vpnMentor’s 2SLGBTQIA online safety guide a helpful resource. The online safety guide covers information regarding cyberbullying, managing your identity online, finding a community online and more.

York University – Academic Options

If you’re interested in learning about these topics throughout your time at university, York U offers various programs and courses related to gender and sexuality. For instance, York U’s School of Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies offers two programs:

Success Tip: If you’re interested in a gender and/or sexuality course, take it as an elective! However, similar to any other course offered at York University, some may have prerequisites, so pay close attention to the course descriptions.

Check out all of York University’s courses to see what interests you. Learn how to enrol with the #YUBlog’s “Enrolment 101” post!

York University – Support Services

In addition to these wonderful clubs, committees, organizations and associations, York University also offers many support services to all York University students.

York U is also home to the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion (REI), who endeavor to promote and build a respectful, equitable, diverse and inclusive university community. It strives to be a leader in providing free, accessible, impartial, non-adversarial and confidential programs and services that uphold human rights, facilitate equitable access to opportunities and champion diversity and inclusion.

Learn more about York University’s Gender/LGBTQ*/Positive Space policies, procedures, services and more on REI’s website!

Pride Month is a sensational occasion, and with all the events across the GTHA, there’s something for everyone. Happy Pride Month, Lions!

Tell us how you will celebrate Pride in the comments below or tweet us at @YorkUStudents!

Lauren Dick
Lauren Dick

Lauren Dick graduated in Spring 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Professional Writing and a Professional Certificate in Marketing. She loves to curl up with a good story and a warm cup of tea (only English Breakfast, mind you), and she hopes her blog posts will continue to encourage current and incoming students to learn more about York U and its community.

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