What You Might Have Missed: Winter 2019

Posted by Lauren Dick on April 30, 2019


Now that the Winter 2019 term is at a close, it’s time to reflect on some key blog posts we’ve written for you over the Winter term. We know you may have been busy with school, work and your social life, so we’ve broken it down to five posts that you might have missed!

Summer Job Hunting 101

If you haven’t started applying for summer jobs, we gave you some tools to get started in the #YUBlog’s “Summer Job Hunting 101” post. From updating your resumé to learning about what jobs are the best for you, York University’s Career Centre has got you covered!  The Career Centre has a variety of resources to support your search, so take advantage of it – it’s free!

Making a Program Change

Do you need to make a change to your major or minor? Our #YUBlog “Making a Program Change” blog post pointed you in the right direction. Be sure to consult with the Program Change webpage, your academic advisor(s), the Academic Calendar and any other resources you may need to help with your decision!

Note: This post is not a replacement for your Academic Advisor.

A #YUBlog Guide to Convocation

Convocation is just around the corner! There are a lot of steps and procedures involved when you apply to graduate, so make sure to read the #YUBlog’s “A #YUBlog Guide to June Convocation” to have all of the necessary information! 

For example, did you know that there are 13 different ceremonies happening between June 7 and June 21? Find out which ceremony you will be attending with the York Convocation Schedule Summary!

Summer Courses: Pros and Cons

Still debating whether or not to take summer courses? Don’t worry about writing a pro and con list — we did it for you! Take a look at the #YUBlog’s “Summer Courses: Pros and Cons” blog post for a breakdown of the potential deal-breakers and the amazing benefits of summer courses.

How to Improve Your Essay

Want to learn how to improve your essay from an expert? Read our #YUBlog post, “How to Improve Your Essay,” to hear key tips and tricks from Ron Sheese, a full-time faculty member in the Writing Department and the Psychology Department!

We at the #YUBlog want to thank you for an amazing term full of blog posts, laughs and memories. Have a wonderful summer, Lions!

Lauren Dick
Lauren Dick

Lauren Dick graduated in Spring 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Professional Writing and a Professional Certificate in Marketing. She loves to curl up with a good story and a warm cup of tea (only English Breakfast, mind you), and she hopes her blog posts will continue to encourage current and incoming students to learn more about York U and its community.

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