#MyCrewYU: Getting to Know Our Crew

Posted by York & U on March 22, 2019

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Hi, Lions! It’s time for the second instalment of our #MyCrewYU series. As we mentioned in our previous post, “#MyCrewYU: The Beginning,” we met our crew at our Work/Study position in the Communications & Marketing Department in the Division of Students. In today’s #YUBlog post, we’re moving from the beginning of our journey to getting to know our crew.

Our handbook photoshoot downtown was a memorable day!

Becoming YU

The starting point of our journey as Work/Study students was the Becoming YU program! This self-driven program opened the doors for us to work with coaches who helped us set and achieve meaningful career goals. York University prioritizes the development of leadership skills and career readiness, so we were encouraged to track our progress as well as reflect on and identify our accomplishments along the way!

We were some of the first Work/Study students who had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Becoming YU framework. Although our personal goals were different, we were still able to achieve them while working together.

Lauren Dick

As a fourth-year Professional Writing student, Iwanted to gain more experience in graphic design and photo editing. By creating banner images for all my blog posts and taking the opportunity to shoot and edit event photos, I was able to build upon pre-existing knowledge and broaden my skill set! 

Sophie Morgan

I wanted to improve my skills in editing and content creation as a first-year Professional Writing student. After consulting with my coach, I set my goals and made a plan! This led to doing more peer review with Lauren, writing content for social media and even hosting a Snapchat takeover on York U’s official Snapchat account (yorkuniversity).

Now let’s go through the crew members who helped us reach our goals outlined in our Becoming YU action plans!

Each Other

Considering this was a new experience for both of us in 2018, we weren’t sure what to expect. Regardless, we were thrilled to find out that we had both come from the same program! As a fourth-year and first-year student duo, we not only shared similar interests, but we also learned so much from each other. Exploring a career in communications has confirmed our chosen career path as professional writers.

Lauren: I have been able to pass on some of my knowledge about York U to Sophie, including information about courses, scheduling conflicts, amazing York U resources, and university life! Working Sophie has been really helpful when brainstorming blog ideas, which has really helped with my creativity. 

Sophie: It has been great to have a student mentor like Lauren by my side for information and support. In return, I have contributed my perspective on how to organize, structure and connect ideas in a post.

For example, while planning our joint post, “Catching Up on the Readings You (Totally) Meant To Do,” we brainstormed the points we wanted to make, how they connected and the overall structure of the post. For a glimpse at our brainstorming process, look at the whiteboard in our office!

This is what a brainstorm for a #YUBlog post often looks like!


One of the best aspects of working in a team is having a support structure available. For example, we work in an office with many experts in their fields, such as Information Assistants, Content Specialists, Web Developers, Digital Marketers, and Communications Coordinators, who are more than willing to help us with anything we need.

What’s great about having such a diverse support system in place is being able to regularly learn from and build relationships with incredible colleagues. We have been able to sit in on meetings, participate in discussions and propose ideas to the department. This experiential education opportunity definitely worked hand-in-hand with our Becoming YU program. 

In fact, many of our colleagues helped us achieve our goals! One of our co-workers invited us to help out in her project—we were able to gain hands-on experience with content editing, photoshoots and event coordination. We also got the opportunity to practice our professional etiquette and how to make a good first impression!

You can learn a lot from your colleagues!

Division of Students

Our work took us across campus, helping to cover stories about the different units within York U’s Division of Students, including: the Centre for Aboriginal Student Services (CASS); the Career Centre; and Residence Life!

We also had the chance to help film a video with The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education. Working alongside the great staff at The Centre helped me (Lauren) develop my video editing and production skills. I was also able to shadow our in-house Graphic Design Assistant in the Division of Students, who helped me get an inside look to the video and sound editing process—a skill I used later on in the “Holiday Baking on a Student Budget” and “Valentine’s Day Treats on a Student Budget” baking videos. These opportunities were the perfect complement to my Becoming YU goals!

Our Work/Study position took us all over campus, but the #YUBlog headquarters is in Bennett Centre!

Now that it’s been almost a year since we first started, we can definitely say that we’ve come a long way! We encourage you to pursue your academic and professional goals here at York University. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow with the support of peers, coaches, mentors, and colleagues. 

We are thankful that we found our #MyCrewYU through the Work/Study program. As a York student, you may be able to find your own #MyCrewYU community through a co-op or internship placement, a Career Centre workshop or networking event, a student club or organization, or even an international exchange opportunity.

As you can see from our experience, there are so many opportunities to learn and grow with the support of peers, coaches, mentors, and colleagues. Now it’s time for you to pursue your academic and professional goals while you’re here at York U, Lions!

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