Summer Job Hunting 101

Posted by Shahroze Rauf on January 17, 2019

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The new year has started, and it is time to get busy! January is the perfect time to get a head-start on the summer job hunt – so go find some recruiters. Before you begin, you’ll need the proper tools and York University’s Career Centre has got you covered!. From updating your resumé to learning about what jobs are the best for you, the Career Centre has a variety of resources to support your search. So, take advantage of it – it’s free!

Make sure to check out the Winter Career Fair taking place at the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building on the Keele campus! It’s a great chance to connect yourself to employers – hopefully the ones that will consider you for those summer internship positions.

Register for a workshop to develop new professional skills

Career Centre Services

On-site support is available without an appointment in the Career Lounge in 202 McLaughlin College. Drop by to meet with a Career Peer Educator during specified hours ours every day, Monday to Friday to get support with your:

  • resumé & cover letters
  • job searching and networking
  • interview skills & preparation
  • Rapid Resumé Review (RRR) take place on Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m
Prepare for your job search by using the resources at the Career Centre!

Career Centre Workshops

York U’s Career Centre offers several workshops that will help you get the summer job you want. From learning how to define your own skill set to building a professional profile, these career workshops are guaranteed to help you in your job search. To attend these workshops you must sign-up through the Career Centre’s online system. Make sure you visit the Upcoming Drop by Sessions webpage for a list of upcoming sessions topics. Some of the workshops provided by the Career Centre include:

You’ve Got Skills! Workshop

Don’t know what professional and practical skills you have to offer your future employer? Having trouble expressing yourself in your resumé or in interviews? This workshop will show you what skills you have, as well as help you communicate the assets you can offer to whatever dream job you want.

What Can I Do With My Degree? Workshop

Struggling to figure out what your career path will be after you graduate? Well, struggle no more! This workshop will show you how the skills you’re learning right now are going to help you in your future career.

Interview Preparation Workshop

Having trouble saying what you want to during an interview? Or do you feel like you just can’t handle the pressure of a one-on-one conversation with a future employer? Attend this workshop and build the confidence you need to ace your next interview.

Did you know? Thousands of employers post jobs on York University’s Career Centre Online System? Set up your account soon so you can apply for those jobs!

On-Campus Opportunities

Looking for a job that’s close to home? York University offers four on-campus work programs for eligible students. But before you apply, make sure you have completed your Student Financial Profile. Here are York University’s on-campus work programs:

  1. Work/Study Program – offers paid on-campus positions;
  2. Research at York (RAY) Program – offers paid on-campus research opportunities;
  3. College Life at York (CLAY) Program – offers paid on-campus positions to work in the York College systems; and
  4. York Engaged Students (YES) Program – offers paid on-campus opportunities to be engaged in activities involving peer mentoring, ambassadorship and advising.

You can look for these and other positions both on or off-campus on the Career Centre’s Online Job Posting System.

Besides all these York-based resources, you can also create a profile on LinkedIn – the Career Centre even offers a workshop about How to Effectively Use LinkedIn! Many employers  look at potential candidates’ digital footprints – so try to be connected to them online as well as in person.

With all these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’re going to get a head start on your career this summer. While others may be tanning, you’ll be out there working and it will pay off. So, what are you waiting for? Get going and good luck!

What are your strategies for finding a summer job? Comment below or tweet us on Twitter at @YorkUStudents.

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