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Posted by Sophie Morgan on November 20, 2018

Mental Health & Wellbeing

University is a great place to build academic skills, meet new people and grow as a person. York University’s Student Counselling and Development (SCD) service is here to offer us support during our journey at York U with their brand-new workshops available to all students, free of charge. If you’re looking to develop new skills and learn more about yourself, these workshops are a step in the right direction!

In today’s #YUBlog post we’re looking at each of SCD’s workshops. You can see all the workshops that are currently available on SCD’s Current Workshops webpage. Who knows, you may find something that will interest you!

It’s important to note that in case of crisis, please visit N110 Bennett Centre or call 416-736-5297 on the Keele Campus. You can visit Glendon Hall E103 or call 416-487-6709 if you are on the Glendon Campus.

In the event that there are concerns about your immediate safety or the safety of other, please call 911 or York Security at 416-736-5333 or ext. 33333.

An image of the Bennett Centre for Student Services at the Keele Campus
Reach Student Counselling & Development at 416-736-5297 or at N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services on the Keele Campus.

What Do I Need to Know About SCD Workshops?

The most important thing to know about SCD workshops is that they are free, open to all York University students and no registration is required! You’ll find workshops that run individually, such as Stress Management, or a series of three to four workshops, like Managing Shyness & Social Anxiety. Each workshop takes place in a professional and supportive environment where students receive guidance as they navigate through any personal student development.

Did you know? If you attend five SCD workshops, you can receive a Personal Development Certificate. This can be a great addition to your Co-Curricular Record!


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SCD’s workshops can help you boost your skills to achieve academic success!

You can attend any number of academic-related workshops, whether you would like to improve upon a specific skill targeted by these workshops or simply learn some strategies that can help you succeed in your studies. I personally find that, regardless of academic success, it’s always a good idea to take the opportunity to learn strategies that are bound to help you as a student or in your future.

Here are SCD’s academic-related workshops for you to consider:

  • Procrastination/Motivation Workshop
    This workshop will help you identify why you procrastinate. You’ll also learn strategies to overcome procrastination habits and to combat low motivation.
  • Stress Management Workshop
    SCD will teach you techniques to help you manage stress and other difficult situations like exams, final projects and busy times of the year. SCD also offers stress management classes exclusively for mature students.
  • Test Anxiety
    Here you’ll learn ways to manage and reduce any test stress that you may experience. SCD also provides studying techniques to help students feel more prepared for their tests and exams as well.
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It’s always a good idea to turn to your friends, family or trusted professionals when you need support.

In addition to academic-related topics, SCD offers a lot of workshops that can enhance your personal growth and help you develop real-life skills. I find that these workshops in particular make SCD unique because they provide students with information and strategies to work through events and emotions that they may experience on a day-to-day basis.

Below, you’ll find a list of the available SCD workshops, and you’ll find a wide variety of personal topics:

  • Surviving a Break-up
    In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies that will help you heal after the end of a romantic relationship, allowing you to let go and move forward.
  • Healthy Boundaries
    You’ll learn strategies to implement healthy boundaries in your life, such as learning when to say “no’ and establishing appropriate limits, in this SCD workshop.
  • Mindful Ways to Manage Your Emotions
    Here you’ll discover how to better manage your thoughts and feelings using mindfulness techniques.
  • Managing Anxiety
    This workshop on managing anxiety is a great way for you to learn how to better manage any feelings of worry or anxiousness that you may be experiencing in your life.
  • Challenging Negative Thinking to Improve Mood
    In this SCD workshop you’ll learn how to recognize and change negative thinking patterns to help you improve your emotional well-being.
  • LGBTQ+ Support Group
    This confidential LGBTQ+ support group is facilitated by Personal Counsellors and peers who identify with the LGBTQ+ community. This drop-in support group runs bi-weekly on Wednesdays, so feel free to stop by!

Did you know? In addition to the LGBTQ+ Support Group, you can also visit the Glendon Women and Trans Centre, a safe space for all individuals, regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Workshop Series

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You can learn a lot about yourself and your mental health through these workshop series.

Below you’ll find each of the following workshop series that SCD currently offers. You can attend all instalments of a workshop series or join any individual session in a series.

Managing Shyness and Social Anxiety

SCD’s four-part workshop series on managing stress and social anxiety aims to help students better understand their shyness and social anxiety. Here’s a breakdown of the workshop’s sections:

  • Part 1: Understanding shyness and social anxiety
  • Part 2: Identify negative thoughts and escape behaviours
  • Part 3: Challenge negative thoughts and practice relaxation training
  • Part 4: Build skills to help you better cope with life problems

Coping & Resilience

SCD’s three-part workshop on coping and resilience will help you better understand and manage your emotions. You can participate in this series to become more prepared to face the challenges that may come your way in the future.

  • Part 1: Challenge negative thinking to improve mood
  • Part 2: Build resilience
  • Part 3: Learn mindful ways to manage your emotions

Anger Management Series

You can learn strategies to help cope with and manage anger in SCD’s workshop series on anger management.

  • Part 1: Understand anger
  • Part 2: Deal with anger
  • Part 3: Express anger
  • Part 4: Let go of anger
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Looking for additional mental health resources? Visit our previous #YUBlog post, “A Guide to Mental Health and Wellness Resources at York U.

If you believe you require more in-depth counselling and support, please contact Student Counselling and Development Services on the Keele Campus. Glendon students may also access the Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling Centre for a variety of personal counselling and accessibility services.

And there we have it – all SCD’s workshops for you to explore! I hope that this overview of each of the workshops has helped you learn more about the resources available right at your doorstep as a York U student. I encourage you to consider attending one to learn more about yourself!

If you have any questions about Student Counselling and Development’s workshops, please comment below or tweet us at @YorkUStudents!

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