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Posted by Lauren Dick on October 25, 2018

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Don’t you wish you could make your university dorm room feel like home? The Sorry Girls recently teamed up with York University to help three lucky contest winners revamp their dorm rooms to match their personal styles! The Sorry Girls designed three dorm room makeovers: one in Keele Campus’ Pond Residence, one in Glendon Campus’ Wood Residence and the final resident lives in Keele Campus’ Stong Residence.

Today’s blog post will cover an interview with Stong Residence’s dorm-makeover winner, a few before-and-after shotsand a video straight from The Sorry Girls who will bring you along their journey as they decorate a York U dorm room!

Stong Residence room at York University
Stong Residence offers traditional rooms (single and double rooms) on all fourteen floors!

An Interview with Rae-Lynn Parkins, Stong Resident

Lauren Dick [LD]: Tell us a little about yourself. What are your interests, your major, your dream career, etc.?

Rae-Lynn Parkins [RP]: I am a second-year varsity athlete on the women’s rugby team, and I’m currently studying Educational Studies. My interests include food, playing/coaching rugby and dogs! My dream career would be to play for Team Canada and to be a Grade 5 teacher.

LD: What made you apply to the contest?

RP: I saw the application on my residence Facebook page. I honestly never win anything, so I thought to apply for fun — my room was just boring before!

LD: What was the application process?

RP: I had to fill out a Google Form that had few questions about my style, if I had a roommate and what items I would like to keep. Then I had to make a short video introducing my room and myself.

Stong Residence single traditional dorm room
A quick peak into what Rae-Lynn’s room looked like before her dorm makeover.

LD: What did you want out of the dorm makeover?

RP: I wanted a more positive, happier environment. I just wanted to make my room feel more homey and less like a dorm room.

LD: What was your ideal design style?

RP: I didn’t really have an ideal design. I was open to anything that was styled around 70s or 80s vibes.

LD: How did you react to the finished makeover (were you surprised, happy, indifferent, etc.)? Was it better than you expected?

RP: I was so impressed! It looked so good, and I am very satisfied with the work they did.

LD: What did your friends think about it?

RP: They loved it! They especially liked how The Sorry Girls put in a sleep-over kit for them for when they spend the night instead of commuting.

LD: How will this dorm makeover change your on-campus residence experience?

RP: The dorm makeover will make it so that I want to stay in my room. I lived in residence last year, and I really did not enjoy it.

LD: Are there any design tips you took away from this experience that you would recommend to other students in residence?

RP: No matter how small the space is, you can always find a way to add more storage — and there are so many easy ways to make your room smell clean!

Before-and-After Shots

One of the best things about decorating and DIY projectsis seeing the progress that you’ve made by looking at the before-and-after shots! It’s just so pleasing to see what you can accomplish with a little bit of creativity and yarn.

Take a look below to see the before-and-after shots of Rae-Lynn’s Stong Residence room!



Time to Decorate, ‘70s Style!

Now that we’ve seen the before-and-after, it’s time to see everything that happened in between! The video below will take you alongside The Sorry Girls as they design Rae-Lynn’s dorm room to match her personal style: a.k.a. ‘70s flashback!

Let us know what you think of the dorm makeovers in the comments below or tweet us at @YorkUStudents.

Lauren Dick
Lauren Dick

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