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Posted by Lauren Dick on October 11, 2018

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Did you know that York University is home to 300+ official clubs and student organizations? With so many options, it can be tricky to determine which club is the best fit for you. When deciding what club to join, ask yourself: is this club the right fit for me? Will joining the club give me an opportunity to learn a new skill or develop my expertise? Will there be opportunities for leadership roles in the future? From the Quidditch Club to the Robotics Society, there is something out there for everyone

To help students find their best fit, the #YUBlog is continuing our Club Spotlight series to give recognition to clubs that people may not be aware of. Today, we shine a light on the Club Spotlight on the Women Empowerment Club, a club dedicated to empowering all self-identifying women in the York Community.

Introducing the Women Empowerment Club

The Women Empowerment Club (WEC) was founded in 2011 to provide an open and safe space for individuals of all genders, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations on York University’s Keele Campus. This amazing club is very active on campus and online. Throughout the year you can find them tabling at Central Square and YorkFest Festival Village, organizing a Winter Clothing Drive, partnering with @shesnotyourcupoftea, hosting self-defence classes and more!

WEC's logo (a purple fist with Women Empowerment Club written above it)
Check out their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages or visit their website for more information about WEC!

An Exclusive from Women Empowerment Club

Two WEC club members standing behind their YFS Club Day booth.
Cheery Attia (left) and Taylor Rossi (right) helped run the booth on Wednesday, September 26 for YorkFest Festival Village.

Who better to speak about the Women Empowerment Club than three of their club members? In the following exclusive interview, we speak with Taylor Ross (President – see picture above), Cheery Attia (Vice President – see picture above) and Olivia Quenneville (Vice President – see picture below) about their experiences in the club and what they would like to see going forward.

Lauren Dick (LD): Why is the Women Empowerment Club so important?

Taylor Rossi: The Women Empowerment Club is important because it gives women a voice and it also gives them a space to engage with other women and get involved with issues which affect them.

Cheery Attia: It is also important because we need to work toward a more equitable society and community here at York and beyond, as well as advocating for women’s empowerment.

LD: What are your favourite aspects of joining the Women Empowerment Club?

Taylor Rossi: My favourite aspects of joining WEC are meeting new people, living out my own passion of empowering women and raising awareness about women’s issues, and feeling like I am part of a community who has similar beliefs.

LD: What can new members expect from joining the Women Empowerment Club?

Cheery Attia: The Women Empowerment Club offers a fun, safe space to share stories, make new friends and discover new things while learning how to better advocate for and support women.

LD: Tell me about any upcoming event that you will be hosting.

Taylor Rossi: We are hoping to release dates for a welcome event and a women’s self-defence class soon.

LD: What is your most memorable moment with the club?

Olivia Quenneville: Last year’s collaboration with the Women’s Mental Health Talks Club was my most memorable moment with WEC. We hosted a game night with a great turn-out. Everyone had a lot of fun, I got to meet new people, de-stress and work together with another great club to host a successful event!

LD: How do you see the Women Empowerment Club growing over the next few years?

Olivia Quenneville: I hope that our efforts to recruit more members and host exciting events will begin to make WEC stand out. We are the largest women’s club on campus, and it would be amazing if we can grow our membership to show even more support for women and make ourselves known.

The Women Empowerment Club has definitely been a significant part of the many women’s movements that have been taking place over the last few years. I see WEC continuing to contribute to these movements in the microcosm that is York University and maintaining a strong support system for the women in our community. I also hope to see the women who have been empowered by our club, members of WEC or the wider York U community, becoming inspired to make a change both on- and off-campus.

WEC member standing behind their booth at YFS Club Day.
Olivia Quenneville was also tabling at YorkFest Festival Village this Fall!

Want to Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved with the Women Empowerment Club as both a member and a supporter! Members play an active role in raising awareness about social issues through on-campus and online initiatives, and you can always support the club by participating in their events, donating to their clothing drive and sharing their messages on social media.

If you would like to speak with a member or get involved with the Women Empowerment Club, please contact them through their social media channels, email, YU Connect or in person:

Facebook @wecyorku
Twitter @YorkUWomen
Instagram @york_wec
YU Connect Women Empowerment Club
Office Room 332 Student Centre, York University


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