Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Fall Reading Week

Posted by Lauren Dick on October 4, 2018


York University’s Fall Reading Week will take place October 6 to 12 and we are just as excited as you! There are lots of great activities and plans to be made, and we at the #YUBlog are here to help you make the most of your Fall Reading Week with five great tips!

Four friends standing in the Fall on Keele Campus.
Discover how we went from Co-Curricular days to a Fall Reading Week in the #YUBlog’s post, “Fall Reading Week Returns to York University.”

1) Find Some Balance

Fall Reading Week is about a month into the Fall term, so you are in a great position to re-evaluate any study schedules or study habits you have made, make some adjustments and better prepare for the rest of the term.

It’s also a great idea to mix in some down-time with your school work – this week off is a mental break too!

2) Create an Academic To-Do List

As a fellow student, I understand how tempting procrastination can be, especially when you don’t have classes for seven days. However, one of the tricks that I have used to fight off my procrastination habits is to prioritize my academic calendar.

One thing you can do is organize a list of your upcoming assignments, exams, readings etc. in order of most important to least important – now start from the top and work your way down! If your procrastination tendencies put up a good fight and you only knock off a few things from your list, you have (at the very least) finished the most important ones.

The best part about this trick is that once classes start up again, you’ve already made your academic to-do list!

Woman sitting on bed with a laptop.
Creating to-do lists is a great way to stay on top of your readings, projects and tests!

3) Discover York U’s Many Resources

When you first entered the Fall term and attended York Orientation Day, you may have missed writing down some useful York U resources that can help you succeed. Take this time to sign up for a Learning Skills workshop, visit Academic Advising, the Writing Centre, Career Centre and more!

Learn about some of York U’s most popular student resources in the #YUBlog’s post, “Your Top 10 York U Resources”!

4) Get Together with Family and Friends

Fall Reading Week is a great way to relax from a busy study schedule. Whether you’re heading home for the holidays, exploring downtown with some fellow students or having fun here on campus, it’s the perfect time to see family and friends.

If you would like a ready-made list of things to do in Toronto, check out the #YUBlog’s post, “A Student Guide For New Torontonians”!

Five people walking down a street.
York Federation of Students (YFS) offers student discounts for major attractions and more – check out their website to see what interests you!

5) Catch Up and Read Ahead

In between getting together with family and friends, Fall Reading Week is a great time to catch up on any upcoming assignments, readings and/or course study notes that may have fallen through the cracks.

You will have big assignments, midterms or tests coming up soon, so take this time to read ahead and avoid any last-minute cramming!

Guy staring at bulletin board
October is a popular month for assignment due dates and mid-term exams – reading ahead or starting projects early can help you manage your academic calendar.

After being a student at York University for three years, I’ve come to realize the importance of these five tips. Finding a balance between your social and academic life and taking time for yourself will help you rest, relax and get ready for the next two months of the Fall term.

We hope you have a great Reading Week!

If you have any tips for a productive Reading Week, leave them in the comments below or tweet us at @YorkUStudents.

Lauren Dick
Lauren Dick

Lauren Dick graduated in Spring 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Professional Writing and a Professional Certificate in Marketing. She loves to curl up with a good story and a warm cup of tea (only English Breakfast, mind you), and she hopes her blog posts will continue to encourage current and incoming students to learn more about York U and its community.

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