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Posted by Lauren Dick on September 11, 2018

Academic Success

Before we get too far into the Fall term, we at the #YUBlog want to introduce you to some of the many academic peer support services available at York University. Some of these services are tailored to helping York U students transition into University life, while other peer support services are dedicated to helping students achieve academic success in selected courses such as Mathematics, Science, Social Science and more.

Getting into the habit of attending study sessions or visiting your Peer Mentor for help will better prepare you for life as a York U student, so let’s get started!

What is Academic Peer Support?

Academic peer support is students helping students. These peer-support volunteers are students in their third and/or fourth year who are excited to help you succeed by sharing their knowledge and experiences with you.

Three students sitting around a peer support student getting academic help.
A number of these services are offered on a College-by-College basis, so please confirm your program affiliation to find the right academic peer support services for you!

There are many different kinds of academic peer support available at York U, including:

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors are upper-year students who will help you transition into the York U Community and University life.

Available at:

Peer Advising

Peer Advisors offer an informal environment to talk with fellow students about your academic and professional goals and get suggestions about official York U resources you can access when necessary.

Available at:

Peer Academic Support

Learning Skills Peers are available to provide Peer Academic Coaching sessions, Drop-in Academic Support and Workshops on any learning skills related strategies that will help you succeed in University, including time management planning, reading and note-taking skills, exam prep and more!

Available at:

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutors are trained upper-year students who have excelled in specific course materials. For example, Stong & Calumet’s Peer Tutors specialize in select KINE, PSYC, NURS, HLST and IHST courses.

Available at:

Success Tip: Study Hub is another great resource to find tutors and study groups. If you are a tutor looking for work, you may also wish to advertise your services on this platform.

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS Leaders facilitate study groups that are run by student volunteers who have excelled in their respective courses. These study groups review course materials, compare notes, discuss readings and assignments and more!

Available at:

Watch the video below to learn more about PASS at Stong & Calumet Colleges!

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsR1dPclvDA%5D

Where Can I Find Academic Peer Support?

Academic peer support services are available across the York U Campuses and are open to everyone. You will find these academic peer support services at the various Colleges and at the Learning Skills Services.

Students getting academic peer support in a lounge area.
Learning Skills Services, located in Scott Library, offers many additional student resources that can help you achieve academic success.

What Are the Benefits of Academic Peer Support?

As a Student

There are many benefits to using the academic peer support services offered at York U, including:

  • It’s FREE;
  • Doors are open for everyone;
  • Meet fellow students or upper-year students in your program;
  • Learn from students who have been in your position before; and
  • Take advantage of the flexible hours (generally posted on the website beforehand).

As a Volunteer

Participating in York U’s academic peer support services as a student leader is a very rewarding experience and it offers a lot of benefits, including:

  • Valuable work experience;
  • Becoming a leader in the YU Community;
  • Meeting new people; and
  • As a volunteer, you will receive a notation on your transcript through your Co-Curricular Record!

Academic Peer Support staff members at Learning Skills Services are also part of the York Engaged Students’ (YES) paid Work/Study program. Visit the Career Centre’s Online System to search for and apply to jobs on campus!

Success Tip: If you would love to get involved on campus, but you aren’t sure if academic support services are the ideal fit for you, check out a list of all of the Peer Leadership Programs at York University!

Male student sitting in York U's Scott Library Collaboratory.
York University’s academic peer support services are available throughout the Fall and Winter terms – be sure to take advantage of this great resource!

Next time you get a difficult assignment or would like a second opinion on course notes, please remember all of the peer academic support services available at York University. Best of luck with for the Fall and Winter terms!

If you have any questions about academic peer support services, please leave a comment below or tweet us at @YorkUStudents.

Lauren Dick
Lauren Dick

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