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Posted by Sophie Morgan on August 14, 2018

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It’s time to start thinking about purchasing your textbooks for the Fall term, Lions! Whether you’re looking for a Calculus textbook or the latest edition of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the York University Bookstore is the place to go for all your textbook needs. Today’s #YUBlog post is here to give you an overview of the amazing services the YU Bookstore has to offer, from selling and renting books to purchasing digital materials and academic supplies!

An image of the Keele Campus Bookstore storefront.
Find the York U Keele Campus Bookstore in York Lanes!

Success Tip: You can earn Bookstore Rewards and Scholar Dollars to save on student supplies and textbooks at the YU Bookstore. If you shop using “Flex Dollars” (personal funds loaded on your YU-Card), you can earn 5% back in Scholar Dollars. Your Scholar Dollars can be redeemed for any item in store and if you save up $100 in Scholar Dollars, you can earn a $100 Bookstore gift card!

Buying Your Textbooks In-Store

An image of the lower level of the Keele Campus Bookstore, showing merchandise and textbooks.
All the textbooks on the Keele Campus can be found in the basement of the Bookstore!

You can find all the textbooks you need on the lower level of the Keele Campus bookstore located in York Lanes or in York Hall A210 at the Glendon Campus. You’ll see aisles of various textbooks organized by subject on these floors. Simply find the aisle with your subject and then scan the shelves for your specific course.

The table below (organized alphabetically by subject) has been provided by the Keele Campus Bookstore to help you find your textbooks quickly.

Subject Aisle # Subject Aisle #
Administrative Studies 7B Human Rights & Equity 5A
American Sign Language 8B Humanities 2B & 3A
Anthropology 5A Indigenous Studies 5B
Art History 8A Information Technology 9
Bethune College 4B Kinesiology & Health Science 4A
Biochemistry 4B Kinesiology Practical 4A
Biology 4B Language & Learning Seminar 8B
Canadian Studies 3B Languages 8B
Chemistry 4B Law – OPD 9
Civil Engineering 9 Law – Regular 9
Cognitive Science 3B Linguistics 8B
Communication Studies 5A Mathematics 4B
Critical Disability Studies 4A Mechanical Engineering 9
Culture 3B Modes of Reasoning 3B
Dance 8A Music 8A
Design 8A Natural Science 6B
Disaster & Emergency Management 7B Nursing 4A
Dispute Resolution 3B Philosophy 3B
Earth Space Science & Engineering 9 Physics 4B
Economics 7B Political Studies 5B
Education 2A Pre-University 3B
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 9 Psychology 4A
Engineering 9 Public Policy & Administration 5B
English 1B & 2A School of Continuing Studies 3B
English as a Second Language 8B Schulich School of Business 7A
Environmental Studies 8A Science Technology Studies 6B
Family Mediation 3B Sexuality Studies 6A
Film 8A Social Science 6B
Gender & Women’s Studies 5A Social Work 6A
Geography 5B Sociology 6A
Global Health 4A Theatre 8A
Health Studies 4A Visual Arts 8A
History 1A Writing 1A
Human Resources Management 7B York/Sheridan Design 8A

Once you find the correct subject aisle, you’ll need to find your textbook using a book tag – this is the slip above each stack of books. This tag will be green for Fall term textbooks and beige for Fall/Winter term books. Here are some additional things you should take note of:

  • Course Details – Make sure the course code and title, section and professor are all correct. Sometimes the same course can be taught by different professors who use different books!
  • “Stock in Centre” – This means that the book(s) listed on the book tag can be found in the centre of that aisle, instead of directly beneath the book tag.
  • “Flyer to Cashier” – If you see this, that means there is an eBook available for the textbook. You’ll need to take the flyer hanging next to the book tag to purchase your code and receive your digital copy.
An image of a yellow book tag next to the Access Code flyer.
This is an example of a flyer for an eBook that must be brought to the cashier.

Success Tip: Although you may feel the need to purchase all your textbooks before the first day of class, it’s a good idea to wait until you’ve met your professor and looked over the syllabus. You may learn that there are books you don’t need or you can stagger your book purchases throughout the term(s) to reduce the upfront costs.

Buying Your Textbooks Online

In order to find the textbooks you need for your class, all you need to do is Find it, Add it and Buy it!

  • Find it: Select the term, department, course and section affiliated with your class.
  • Add it: Click the “ADD” button to add the class to your course list. If you would like to add another course, select “add another course”. Repeat this until you have a list of all your classes. Once you’re ready, you can click “GET YOUR BOOKS” to see a full list of the books you need for each of your classes.
  • Buy it: Follow the payment prompts to purchase your textbooks. When checking out, you must choose a shipping method. You can either pick up your textbooks in store or have them shipped to you. Please visit the Bookstore’s Store Policies and Shipping Information webpages for more detailed information.

Success Tip: Even if you plan to buy your textbooks in store, I recommend using the Bookstore’s online textbook search tool to know how much money you need to have on hand or to load onto your YU-Card when you go to purchase your books.

Digital Materials

There are courses at York U that offer eBooks instead of textbooks. You can see if your course offers a digital option on the York U Bookstore Access Codes webpage. Remember, some textbooks have flyers next to their book tags that you can use too!

Bookstore Rentals

The York U Bookstore also offers an in-store rental program. Although not all titles are available for rent, the shelf tag in the store will indicate if a rental option is available. If you would like to rent a book from the Bookstore, you will need your YU Card, a second piece of photo ID to prove your age and a valid credit card to guarantee the rental. Visit the Bookstore’s Rent Books In Store webpage for more details!

Success Tip: Have old textbooks on hand? You can sell them back to the York U Bookstore to make some cash to help pay for your new books! Learn about selling back to the Bookstore or to other students on the York U Bookstore’s Sell Your Books webpage. Our previous #YUBlog post, “Time to Sell Those Textbooks” also offers great tips!


An image of a stack of lab coats and stethoscopes in the YU Bookstore.
The YU Bookstore has got you covered with any supplies you may need!

In addition to textbooks, you can get any supplies you may need from pens and paint to lab coats and dissection kits. They have a large selection of general interest books and magazines, including popular fiction and visual novels, too! Be sure to check out both floors of the YU Bookstore for any materials you may need for your courses or to use in your spare time.

Don’t Forget Your York U Merch!

The York U Bookstore is also your one-stop-shop for any YU merchandise you may need. You can show your York U pride with program-specific hoodies, York University athletic wear and even souvenirs, such as notebooks and keychains for you and your family!

We hope that this overview of the York University Bookstore and finding your textbooks has helped prepare you for the upcoming Fall term! If you need to find textbooks in a pinch, check out our previous #YUBlog post, “Getting Your Textbooks on a Student Budget” for more information.

If you have any questions about the York University Bookstore or finding your textbooks, please comment below or tweet us at @YorkUStudents!

Sophie Morgan
Sophie Morgan

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