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Posted by Sophie Morgan on August 2, 2018


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The Fall semester is only a month away, Lions! That means it’s time to complete the Student Financial Profile (SFP) for students in Years 2 to 4 and beyond! You can use this online application, which will open on August 7, to apply for scholarships, awards and bursaries and to be eligible for on-campus employment opportunities. Keep reading today’s #YUBlog post for everything you need to know about your Student Financial Profile!

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It’s always a good idea to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor at the Keele Campus or at the Glendon Campus for any questions you may have about your finances.

What is the Student Financial Profile (SFP)?

The Student Financial Profile (SFP) is a multipurpose online application form used by current undergraduate and most York University graduate students to apply for scholarships, bursaries and on-campus employment programs. Students can apply for these opportunities based on financial need, academic performance and extra-curricular activity. Normally, you should complete your SFP at the start of each academic session: once for the Fall/Winter session and once for the Summer session.

How do I Apply for the SFP?

Check out our video below to learn how to apply for the Student Financial Profile:

Success Tip: Be sure to submit your SFP by the required deadline to potentially receive funding and valuable work experience. Award submission due dates vary, so it’s worth setting aside some time to explore the many scholarships and awards using the Student Financial Service’s Award Search.

The SFP and Scholarships

York U offers millions of dollars in scholarships to students every year through the SFP application. You can explore scholarship options using the following resources:

Success Tip: You can read our #YUBlog post on budgeting for university, “Knowing the Costs and Funding“, to learn even more about funding opportunities at York U!

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It’s a good idea to mark down all important application due dates, so you never miss a deadline!

The SFP and Work/Study Positions

Students must also submit their Student Financial Profile to be eligible for Work/Study positions. You can find a range of on-campus experiential learning opportunities from working with administration and within Faculties to researching and campus engagement!

For example, eligible undergraduate students can apply for:

  • Research at York (RAY): The Research at York (RAY) program enhances the research culture of the University and the undergraduate student academic experience.
  • Work/Study Program: The Work/Study program provides on-campus part-time job opportunities for eligible full-time York University students.
  • College Life at York (CLAY): The College Life at York (CLAY) program focuses on enhancing the student experience within the college system on the Keele Campus.
  • York Engaged Students (YES): The York Engaged Students (YES) program supports high-profile contributions and engagement activities on campus that are focused on such things as peer mentoring, ambassadorship and advising.
  • International Student Employment Fund (ISEF): The International Student Employment Fund (ISEF) program provides part-time employment opportunities to eligible international students.
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Apply for a Work/Study position at York U to make a difference in your community and gain valuable work experience!

The RAY, CLAY and YES programs are all unique to York U and provide students with exciting opportunities to launch their careers. You can find more information about York U’s Work/Study positions on the Career Centre’s Consider a job on campus webpage.

Aside from gaining valuable work experience, some Work/Study positions also offer the chance to participate in the Becoming YU Program. Becoming YU enables you to collaborate with a coach and set meaningful goals that can enhance your professional development. As a participant in the Becoming YU Program, I can definitely say that it has helped me improve my skills and make the most of my employment opportunity!

If you’d like to know more about the eligibility requirements for these positions, be sure to visit the Student Financial Services’  Work/Study webpage. The sooner you submit your Student Financial Profile, the sooner you can apply for the Fall/Winter Work/Study positions, which will be posted on the Career Centre website.

Success Tip: Looking for additional financial tips? Be sure to read our previous #YUBlog posts, “Financial Support for Domestic Students” and “Financial Support for International Students” for more information about financing your studies!

You will have access to numerous funding and on-campus experiential learning opportunities once you complete the SFP. Visit the Student Financial Services website for additional information or resources you may need for completing the SFP.

If you have any questions about submitting your Student Financial Profile, please comment below or tweet us @YorkUStudents!

This post is an updated version of the original by York & U on August 1, 2017. 

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Sophie Morgan

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