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Posted by Lauren Dick on July 26, 2018

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York University strives to create a campus environment where every student, faculty, staff and visitor feels comfortable and safe. York U provides accessible safety resources through goSAFE and Security Services that are available in person, by phone, online and through the York U Safety App! Having lived and studied on campus for three years now, my peace of mind has been reinforced by the many safety services available.

If you’ve missed our last few #YUBlog posts about “Campus Safety Resources at York U,” scroll down to get a brief description of what York U’s safety services have to offer!

York U Safety Resources

You can pick up some Community Resource Contact Cards for a handy list of safety resources, at York U’s Security Services Office.

York U Security Services contact card (front side) York U Security Services contact card (back of card)
Visit the Security Services Office or the Security Services website for more information.

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, York U Campus Security can be found in 228 William Small Centre on Keele Campus and in the “Greenhouse” on Glendon Campus. York U’s Community Safety Centre also provides a lot of free services to encourage on-campus safety, including security bulletins, emergency messaging screens, emergency and safety phones and more!

York U Security Services Office
You’ll find the Keele Campus Security Services in the Community Safety Centre across from the Chemistry building along the Campus Walk.

York University Security Service’s team members are available 24/7. They can be seen patrolling campus on foot, in marked vehicles and, weather permitting, on bikes. They are trained to respond to campus safety incidents. They will assist with First Aid (patrol cars are equipped with first aid kits, defibrillators, naloxone and oxygen) and contact Emergency Medical Services or other first responders if needed.

York U Security Services officer speaking with two female students in front of security vehicle.
York U Security Officers will always be happy to help.

For urgent situations, security staff can be reached by calling (416) 736-5333 or, if calling from a York U Office phone, by dialing extension 33333. They can also be contacted through the York U Safety App or through the emergency phones located throughout Keele and Glendon Campuses.

Security Bulletins

The Community Safety department issues Security Bulletins when they would like the community to be aware of a safety concern. The bulletins are emailed to your preferred York U accounts and are also announced on the York U Mobile Safety App, emergency messaging screens and PA Systems.

Success Tip: To receive the Security Bulletins, make sure your contact information is up-to-date and that you’re subscribed to York U’s email list. If you have previously unsubscribed and want to resubscribe, send an email request to subscrib@yorku.ca.

Emergency Messaging Screens

There are over 70 television screens across campus mounted in high-traffic areas (including academic buildings and residences), ready to broadcast emergency messages and/or instructions at any given moment. As an added bonus, during day-to-day operations these screens showcase the time, date and weather, current YU News and upcoming events!

Picture inside Accolade West featuring a lecture hall door and the TV screen as part of York U's safety services.
Check out the Emergency LCD Televisions for news on the go!

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras

York U has over 800 CCTV cameras strategically placed across campus for monitoring and recording activity 24 hours a day.

Emergency and Safety Phones

There are numerous emergency and safety phones located throughout Keele and Glendon Campuses.

The Blue Light Emergency Phones are located outside of York U buildings on walkways, in parking lots and other areas. These phones are yellow with a blue light – by pressing on the call buttons you are immediately transferred to Security Services and/or goSAFE.

First of two maps: this map is of the Keele Campus map showing all of the Blue Light Emergency Phones as part of York U's safety services.

Second of the two maps: this map is of Glendon Campus showing the Blue Light Emergency Phones as part of York U's safety services.
There are over 60 Blue Light Emergency Phones across Keele Campus and Glendon Campus.

Indoor Safety Phones also offer a direct link to Security Services and/or goSAFE, and are located inside all of the York U buildings. These phones are identifiable by the red emergency phone symbol, and when you press the red button you are connected to Security Services while the black button connects you to goSAFE.

Photograph of the Indoor Safety Phone as part of York U's safety services.
You can always ask for help through the Indoor Safety Phones.


The York U goSAFE program, one of the largest of its kind in Canada, provides staff to accompany you wherever you need to go on campus in the evening. This free service is available year-round; however, each academic season and campus has specific hours.

Two goSAFE staff walking with a student.
goSAFE is staffed entirely by York University students, who are easily identifiable in their red jackets or goSAFE & YorkU branded polo shirts

Hours of Operation

Keele Glendon
Fall/Winter: 6pm to 2am

Summer: 8pm to 2am

Fall/Winter: 6pm to 11pm


There are a number of ways to contact goSAFE, including:

  • Calling 416-736-5454 or extension 55454;
  • Approaching any goSAFE staff you see at anytime;
  • Using any on-campus payphone (it’s a free call!);
  • Using any Blue Light Emergency Phone and asking for goSAFE; and
  • Using any on-campus Safety Phone and pushing the black goSAFE button.

On top of helping students navigate campus, the goSAFE staff also check on-campus exterior lighting, automatic doors and on-campus Emergency and Elevator phones in their weekly audits.

Village Shuttle

At Keele Campus, York U also provides a shuttle bus to the Village which operates seven days a week (excluding statutory holidays). The service is currently operating on their Summer Schedule, which runs from Saturday, April 28 to Sunday, September 2, 2018. The Fall/Winter schedule is coming soon. The Village Shuttle has three different routes, so be sure to check which shuttle you need!

York University Safety App

York U offers a Safety App that gives you easy access to these wonderful resources and more. To get a brief overview of the app, watch the video below!

Download the app on your iPhone or Android through York U’s York U Safety App webpage.

The app has many features, including:

  • A list of emergency contacts (including 911 and York U Security Services);
  • A goSAFE call button and link to their website;
  • Village Shuttle services schedule;
  • York U Security information (including their email address and a method of sending photos of emergency incidents);
  • A list of York U counselling and support services; and
  • Campus maps.

Success Tip: Download the York U Safety App to receive safety and weather alerts to keep you up to date with the latest information!

Learn more about the York U Safety App in the #YUBlog’s post “Campus Safety Resources: The York U Safety App.”

Whether you’re on the Keele Campus or the Glendon Campus, York U works to provide a comfortable and safe environment that encourages a welcoming campus atmosphere.

If you have any questions about York U’s safety services, comment below or tweet us at @YorkUStudents.

Lauren Dick
Lauren Dick

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