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Posted by Shannon Hui on April 24, 2018

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York University is home to 300+ official clubs and student organizations and that number continues to grow! With so many options, it can be tricky to determine which club is the best fit for you. When deciding what club to join, ask yourself: is this club the right fit for me? Will joining the club give me an opportunity to learn a new skill or develop my expertise? Will there be opportunities for leadership roles in the future? From the Quidditch Club to the Robotics Society, there is something out there for everyone!

In continuation of the Club Spotlight Series, the #YUBlog Team is shining a spotlight on the Meatless Monday Club at York University with an exclusive interview with the 2018-2019 President, Diana Pik. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get involved at York U, check out our previous Club Spotlight featuring the Las Nubes Student Association.

Image from the Meatless Monday Facebook page
The goal of Meatless Monday York U is to reduce meat consumption in the York community.

Introducing Meatless Monday

The Meatless Monday Club at York University is part of a global, non-profit organization with a simple message: one day a week, cut out meat from your diet. Their goal is to reduce meat consumption in the York U community for economic, environmental and health benefits. Their initiatives are focused on Monday because it’s a fresh start to a new week. It’s the day where people are most motivated to implement a change in their lifestyle and embrace new habits. Once every month, Meatless Monday hosts an event at Vari Hall or Ross Building where they provide free food and resources such as meatless recipes.

Fun Fact: Meatless Monday posts a meatless recipe every Monday! Check out the Meatless Monday Facebook page to start off each week with a yummy, meatless meal.

An Exclusive from the Meatless Monday President: Diana Pik

The 2018-2019 Club President of Meatless Monday York, Diana Pik.

#YUBlog: Why did you join Meatless Monday?

DP:  I have been a vegetarian for eight years for ethical reasons and come from a Russian background. Although my family eats meat, I have learned to integrate vegetarian cuisine into a non-vegetarian culture. It was an interesting experience to bring vegetarianism into my day to day life and this motivated me to join the club. I was introduced to the club by the past President, Sherry, as we were both in the Honours Biology program. I loved the passion and dedication of the Meatless Monday team and first joined the Executive team as an Event Coordinator. From there, I became the Vice-President External and now, here I am as the new President!

#YUBlog: What is your favourite aspect of joining Meatless Monday?

DP: I love being part of Meatless Monday as York U has such a positive, welcoming environment. There are always people coming out to our events and showing interest in what we do. Even if they do eat meat, they appreciate what we do and take the resources we provide. The team at Meatless Monday is also amazing, as everyone is committed and works together to achieve our goals. This year, a few of our greatest achievements include increasing our member base to over 1,000 members and collaborations with Sweets from the Earth and Fresh.

Image from the Meatless Monday Facebook page.
Meatless Monday has an event at least once a month in Vari Hall or Ross Building.

#YUBlog: What can new members expect from joining Meatless Monday?

DP:  Meatless Monday is one of the largest clubs at York University with over 1,000 members. When you become a member of Meatless Monday, you are joining a community of like-minded individuals. You can expect great conversations, free food and meatless recipes. You will also develop your communication and networking skills as you meet and engage with different people from different backgrounds. Whether you eat meat or are vegetarian or vegan, we always welcome new members!

#YUBlog: What could I do by joining Meatless Monday?

DP: As a member, you can attend our events where we provide free food and hand out recipes and other resources to encourage mindfulness about meat consumption. You can drop by at any time to have a chat and learn more about what we do. In addition to attending our events, you can also be more involved as a volunteer. It’s an opportunity to support Meatless Monday!

#YUBlog: What is your vision for Meatless Monday this upcoming year?

DP:  While we currently have a thriving community of more than 1,000 members, I want to grow our member base and encourage more conversations about Meatless Monday. I’m also hoping to increase the number of initiatives to further promote mindfulness and raise awareness about meat consumption in the York U community.

Image from the Meatless Monday Facebook page.
At Meatless Monday events, you can learn more about how to reduce your meat consumption and grab a healthy treat to go!

#YUBlog: What is your most memorable moment with the club?

DP: My most memorable moment is when I first joined the club and we tabled at the Festival Village event during York Fest. It was a great experience as all the executives came together and we talked to different York U students. The atmosphere was so positive and welcoming, and it was inspiring to share our cause and receive so much interest.

Want to Get Involved?

Meatless Monday York U is hiring for their 2018-2019 Executive Team! They are looking for five Event Coordinators and two Vice-Presidents of Student Outreach. If you’re a motivated individual with great communication skills, reach out to Meatless Monday on their Facebook page to learn more about the opportunity!

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Shannon Hui
Shannon Hui

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    Great article and amazing work to build consciousness and mindfulness to inform dietary choices. Please review our website and call us at the Toronto Vegetarian Association if you need any support. Our events during the year
    provide resources and exposure to plant based options. Our next event is the Veg Spring Market on Sunday April 29 11-5pm at Wychwood Barns, Christie and St. Clair West. Feel free to invite members. $5 entry fee only.

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