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Posted by Elizabeth Naccarato on March 22, 2018


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A university education is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in life. When you’re creating your student financial plan, you will have to consider tuition fees, textbooks, supplies and living costs. Although this may seem daunting at first, it’s important to be aware of the different financial resources available to you as a Canadian student. From scholarships and awards to a part-time job and/or financial aid, there are multiple options to help you finance your studies. The #YUBlog has compiled a list of financial support opportunities for domestic students below!

Success tip: York University’s Student Financial Services website is an excellent resource for students who want to learn more about fees, funding opportunities and budgeting tips.

Research all available sources of funding when creating your financial plan!

Complete Your Student Financial Profile

In order to be considered for many of York U’s scholarships, bursaries and on-campus employment programs, you will need to complete your Student Financial Profile (SFP). You should complete the SFP at the start of each academic session (once for fall/winter and once for summer) to be considered for a variety of programs. To learn more about submitting your SFP, read our previous #YUBlog post, “Submitting Your Student Financial Profile”.

York U Entrance Scholarships

Have you ever heard the term, “free money”? This term refers to an important source of funding for students: non-repayable scholarships, awards and bursaries! There are many different scholarship programs available in Canada. First off, York University offers automatic entrance scholarships to incoming students based on your final admission average. Take a look at the amount of funding you may be eligible to receive below:

Admission Average                         Value of Award                                
95-100% $3,500*
90-94.9% $2,000
85-89.9% $1,000
80-84.9% $500

*Please note that this award is renewable for an additional three years based on your grade point average and course load requirements.

High school applicants who have a final admission average of 75% or greater may be eligible for the Student Life Award (SLA) valued at $500. To qualify for the Student Life Award, you must meet your admission requirements and accept your offer of admission by the date indicated in your offer letter. The SLA is a one-time award applied to your YU-Card to help students with the costs of books, supplies and meals on campus. Additional Faculty Entrance scholarships are available to students entering specific Faculties.

Visit the Scholarships & Financial Aid page for Future Students to learn more about the different scholarships available to York U students.

Don’t miss out on scholarships, awards and bursaries—complete your Student Financial Profile to apply for various funding programs at York U.

York U’s Award Search Page & External Scholarships

Don’t stop at York U entrance scholarships! York U also offers bursaries, scholarships and awards that require an application submitted through MyFile. Visit the Future Students Scholarships & Financial Aid page to view scholarships requiring an application. York U’s Award Search page is an excellent resource that allows you to filter and find all awards, scholarships, prizes and bursaries at York University. Take the time to search for awards that you may be uniquely qualified for your hard work and research may pay off!

There are also plenty of scholarships, awards, prizes and bursaries offered by external organizations. For example, scholarships may be offered by a family member’s employer or an organization you volunteer for: check every possible source of funding! You can also check the Scholarships page on the Government of Canada website for awards, scholarships and bursaries for undergraduate students.

Remember to apply for external scholarships that may be offered through an organization you volunteer for or a family member’s employer!

Student Loans & Grants

The Canadian government offers student loans and grants to those enrolled in full- or part-time studies. A loan is a lump sum of money that will need to be paid back over time, while a grant does not need to be paid back. In order to qualify for loans and grants, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 60% of a full course load for full-time students (40% for students with a permanent disability) and 20-59% of a full course load for part-time students; and
  • Be enrolled in a degree, diploma or certificate program offered by a designated postsecondary school.

For more information about student loans and grants, visit the Government of Canada website.

Provincial & Territorial Financial Assistance

Every province and territory of Canada offers their own unique student financial assistance program. For example, Ontario residents may be eligible for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). For more information about the OSAP process, check out the #YUBlog’s three-part series about applying for OSAP. Please note that while Ontario residents may be eligible for OSAP, students must apply for financial aid offered by their home territory or province. To learn more about your provincial or territorial student financial assistance program, check out the Government of Canada website.

Consider applying for a Work/Study position on campus.

Part-time Jobs

Another way you can fund your postsecondary education is through a part-time job. York U offers students a range of on-campus employment opportunities including part-time roles working with administration and faculties, as well as roles that focus on research and campus engagement. For example, in addition to administrative Work/Study positions, eligible undergraduates can apply for Research at York (RAY) positions to join faculty research projects. Students can also apply for College Life at York (CLAY) jobs, which focus on enhancing the student experience in York’s colleges by creating new programs and services. Additionally, the York Engaged Students (YES) program has positions for student leaders to provide campus engagement activities such as advising and peer mentoring.

I have had a part-time Work/Study job throughout my four years at York U, and these roles have helped me immensely with living costs. Additionally, I have been able to start my career while still being a student! I would encourage any incoming York U students to visit the Work/Study page on the Student Financial Services website to research these roles. Please keep in mind that you must complete your Student Financial Profile to be eligible.

Students can also find other on-campus jobs and off-campus employment opportunities by using the York University Career Centre website. The Career Centre also offers fantastic workshops, resume critique sessions, mock job interviews and career advising services.

I hope this post helps you find funding options to aid in your postsecondary school endeavors! Remember, when it comes to funding your studies, you are not alone. If you need advice or assistance, take a look at financial planning brochures on the Student Financial Services website or visit Registrarial Services to speak with a Financial Aid Adviser.

Know of any other financial assistance programs here in Canada? Tweet us and let us know @YorkUStudents!

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