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Posted by Shannon Hui on February 15, 2018

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After three years in of living in residence, I can proudly say that York U has become my home away from home. Living in residence allows me to immerse myself in the York U campus experience, make new friends and get extra shut-eye, especially when classes are only a short walk away! In addition, Residence Life staff, including Dons (senior-student mentors), provide guidance and support to ensure that you have a smooth transition to university life.

If you’re considering living in residence at York University during your first year, look no further! The #YUBlog team’s first year guide to residence will provide you with the information you need to know about the available housing options and the residence application process. If you want to learn more about residence life, take a look at our previous #YUBlog post, “Residence: What You Should Know.”

Residence Options: Keele and Glendon Campuses

York U’s Keele Campus features several undergraduate residences which offer different living styles, including traditional and suite styles. Traditional styles include standard single and double bedrooms. Washrooms and lounges are shared, and residents are required to purchase a meal plan. On the other hand, suite-style residences have ensuite kitchens and bathrooms. Meal plans are optional for suite-style residents. Explore York U’s residences below to get a sense of your on-campus housing options!

  1. Bethune Residence- offers accommodations in traditional style on upper floors and suite-style on lower floors.
  2. Calumet Residence- a unique residence layout featuring Houses, each home to around 22-44 students. Each house is suite-style, with six people to a suite.
  3. Founders Residence- Keele’s original residence offers a traditional setting that is typically reserved for York University English Language Institute students.
  4. Pond Road Residence- the popular residence for upper-year students, with two-person suites and full kitchens.
  5. Stong Residence- a traditional style residence
  6. Tatham Hall Residence- features traditional style accommodations, as well as two female-only floors and one male-only floor.
  7. Vanier Residence- a traditional style residence.
  8. Winters Residence- offers traditional style rooms and some semi-private suites.

If you are a Glendon student entering your first year of university, you are guaranteed a spot in residence as long as you apply by the guaranteed deadline. Glendon offers two residence buildings, Hilliard and Wood. Take a virtual tour of Glendon’s residence buildings to see which one is right for you!

  1. Hilliard- traditional style rooms with shared bathrooms and one female-only floor. Hilliard offers double rooms, small-single rooms, single rooms, large-single rooms, super-single and semi-private rooms.,
  2. Wood- traditional style rooms with shared bathrooms for residents on the same floor. Wood offers female-only floors and room sizes include double, single, large single and super single occupancy. Wood residence also has a few semi-private rooms.

If you want to learn more about residence at Glendon, visit the Glendon Housing website and review “Glendon Residence 101,” which includes tips, tricks and advice about residence from the Glendon eAmbassadors! You can also consult the Glendon campus map to see where the residences are located.

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Live on residence to immerse yourself in campus life.

Choosing a Residence

Decisions, decisions, decisions! With so many options, it can be difficult to choose your preferred residence. Here are a few useful tips that you should consider when choosing your home away from home:


One of the biggest benefits of living on campus is convenience. Not only do I get to avoid a long commute from my hometown outside of the G.T.A., but my classes and campus activities are minutes away from my front door. With that in mind, it’s important to choose a residence that is close to your classes. Complex One Housing includes Tatham Hall, Vanier, Founders and Winters Residences. They are located near York Lanes Mall, the Student Centre and the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design buildings. Complex Two Housing includes Bethune, Stong and Calumet Residences. These residences are closest to the Sports & Recreation facilities and Engineering and Science Buildings. Finally, Pond Road Residence is located at the south side of the York U campus. Take a look at the Keele campus map to find out where each residence is located.

Program Affiliation

Many students select a residence preference based on their Faculty/program of study. For more detailed information about how the residences are linked with Faculty programs, please check the program affiliations at the Keele Campus.


Residence rates vary depending on whether you choose a traditional or suite-style residence. In general, traditional rooms are a more affordable option. The 2018-2019 Residence Rates highlight the full details for each accommodation.

Residence Style

Choosing a residence style all comes down to personal preference. Maybe you enjoy the privacy of a single room or want the exciting roommate experience that comes with a double room. Take the time to sort out your preferences to narrow down your residence options.

You can select up to two residence preferences in your application. Every effort is made to accommodate your living preferences, but your choices are not guaranteed. Take a look at the Residence Buildings and Gallery to get an idea of what each residence has to offer!

Overall, every residence offers a great living experience for students. However, we highly recommend that first-year students live in traditional style accommodations with a roommate: it’s a great way to make new friends and enjoy the convenience of living on campus. Not only is a traditional style room the most affordable option, but cleaning services are provided in all shared spaces including the lounge and washrooms.

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Apply by June 1 to guarantee your spot!

Applying to Residence

First-year students admitted for the Fall Term who are coming directly from a full-time secondary school are guaranteed residence for their first year if they apply by the guaranteed deadline of June 1. While applications will still be accepted after June 1, space may no longer be available and you will be placed on a waiting list. To submit your residence application online, apply through MyFile.

Residence offers will roll out via email starting June and will continue throughout the summer.

Single Room Guarantee: If you are a first-year student with a minimum 90% average and you apply by June 1, you will be assigned a single room. Just make sure to indicate the single room is your preference in the application!

More information can be found on the Selection and Placement page.

If you have any further questions about residence, take a look at the Future Students FAQs page to get answers!

Mature Student Housing

If you are a graduate student, an Osgoode law student, a student living with family or a mature undergraduate student who is 21 years of age or over, you may be eligible to apply for York Apartments.

York Apartments are managed by York University Housing Services and offer 1,250 self-contained living units to mature and graduate students. The apartments are conveniently located on York’s Keele Campus within walking distance of classes and amenities such as study space, libraries, food outlets and sport facilities. The high-rise Assiniboine towers feature a community playground and Atkinson Residence offers a daycare facility. Passy Crescent is the home of the Osgoode Chambers where law students will receive priority placement.

York Apartments offer both furnished and unfurnished apartment options including bachelor, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. There are also adapted units for students who require wheelchair access or visual alarms, which are emergency signals with a bright light that alerts those who are hearing impaired. If you’re a mature student looking for on-campus housing, the York Apartments may be right for you!

Commuter Students Living Off-Campus

If you are living off-campus, you can visit the York U Housing Services website for helpful tips and resources for renters. You should also be aware that the Government of Ontario has created a new standard lease form to be used in almost all residential rental agreements beginning April 30. This means that landlords will be unable to include illegal clauses in their leases, so ensure that your landlord complies with the standard lease.

Good luck with your housing hunt, Lions! If you want to learn more about your housing options, don’t hesitate to visit the York U Housing Services website.

Are you an incoming York U student considering living on residence? Comment below or tweet us on Twitter at @YorkUStudents.


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