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Posted by Shannon Hui on January 24, 2018

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Are you in the last term of your program at York University? Congratulations for all your hard work and dedication in pursuing your academic journey and personal goals! As you prepare to graduate and start the next chapter of your life, read this useful guide to learn what you need to do as an “almost graduate.” These simple steps will help you prepare for your best term yet and the day you’ve been dreaming of since you started university: convocation.

If you are not graduating this term, take a look at our previous #YUBlog post, “Starting the Second Term Off Right.”

Prepare for Convocation

Convocation is a huge milestone in your academic career. Aside from completing your coursework, there are some things you can do this term to ensure your convocation goes smoothly. Review our Convocation Checklist for the full list of to-dos before and on the big day.

1. Apply to Graduate

If you will be finishing your degree this term, it’s time to apply to graduate in June 2018! The online form to apply to graduate is now open. To ensure your application is processed in time, apply by February 28, 2018. If you would like to verify that you have fulfilled all graduation requirements before completing the application, consider making an appointment with your Faculty advising office. You can also check your Degree Progress Report to ensure that you have completed or will complete the required credits to graduate.

After you submit your application, your eligibility to graduate will be reviewed by York University’s Degree Audit Office. A second degree audit is completed after final grades are submitted. Once final grade reports are released in mid-May, you can confirm your graduation status using the Verify My Graduation Status tool (log in via Passport York) and get excited to cross the stage on convocation day!

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Don’t miss the deadline to apply to graduate on February 28, 2018!

2. Update Your Personal Information

As an almost-graduate, it is important to update your personal information, specifically your official name and your current email and postal address. Your full legal name will be shown on all official University documents, including your transcripts, documents and diploma, so it’s important to correct any name changes beforehand. You can verify and update your information as needed through the Student Personal Information page.

3. Ensure Your York Accounts are in Good Standing

To receive your diploma, all your York U accounts must be in good standing, meaning that your tuition and fee payments cannot be in arrears. To ensure that you will graduate without a hitch, review your balance and make any necessary payments on your Student Account, check your Library Account for outstanding fines and contact Parking Services if you have outstanding parking violations.

Visit the Career Centre

As a York Lion who’s close to finishing their degree, you probably already know that York University’s Career Centre provides career development support to all students, but did you know that new graduates can also use their services for up to two years after graduation?
The Career Centre offers workshops on career exploration, job search and professional etiquette and provides résumé critiques. You can book an individual appointment for a variety of purposes such as career counselling, job search advising, interview practice and résumé or cover letter feedback. Visit the Career Centre website for more information about the range of services they offer. To make the most out of this important resource, do not wait until the last month before you graduate (or even after you graduate!) to get started.

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Visit the Career Centre for support with achieving your professional goals.

Get Support from Academic Advising

Academic Advising is a great resource to gain information and guidance regarding your academic pathway, including graduate school or additional qualifications. You can speak to a York U advising professional about a number of topics, including graduate school program requirements, further education options and your current academic standing. To stay on top of your academic progress and pathway, book an advising session with your Faculty Advising Office: you can find the contact information to your respective Advising Office on the Academic Advising page.

Keep in Touch with York University

Although you may be graduating and leaving York U, you can stay a part of the community by being involved as an alumnus and connecting with the University through social media. Once a Lion, always a Lion!

It’s not only a matter of pride: staying connected with your university can be great for your career. Becoming an active member of York U’s alumni network is a great opportunity to build relationships, meet interesting people in your professional field and represent the University. If you have contributed to York U through leadership, athletics or academics, apply to be a part of the GRADitude student to alumni program. Students who are part of GRADitude have access to special alumni events, including conferences, fireside chats, group volunteering and more!

Almost-graduates should also utilize the handy “Alumni: Now What” toolkit below, which provides a step-by-step guide to aid the transition from student life to becoming an alumni.

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Are you graduating this spring? Take a look at the “Alumni: Now What?” toolkit.

Finally, you can start taking advantage of the great benefits of being a York U alum today! As a York U graduate, you will automatically become part of the Alumni Association of York University, meaning that you have access to special travel and leisure discounts, professional development opportunities and even certain financial services! Explore your benefits on the Alumni Benefits & Services website. You can find more information about additional networking opportunities such as mentorship programs and Career Conversations panels on the Alumni & Friends Get Involved page.

If you can’t make it to campus, stay connected with the York U community on social media. Current York U students should follow @YorkUStudents on Twitter and Facebook for updates about campus life, weather alerts and important deadlines. As an almost-alum, be sure to follow York University on Facebook @York University and Twitter @YorkUniversity for York U news.

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Keep in touch with the York community on social media!

Once again, congratulations on your last term at York University. From one York Lion to another, I wish you the best of luck!

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