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Posted by Elizabeth Naccarato on January 16, 2018

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As many York Lions already know (especially if you commute) the York University and Pioneer Village subway stations opened to the York community on December 17, 2017, making it easier than ever to travel to campus. In this post, the #YUBlog will give you an overview of the new transit options on campus, as well as our interviews with students who shared their first impressions of the subway stations at York!

As part of the new transit options, some bus routes with service to York University have changed. Visit the York University Transportation website for in-depth information about new bus routes and stops, as well as other campus transit options.

Image by York University
Have you used York University station yet?

York University and Pioneer Village Stations

The biggest developments to transportation at York are the two beautiful new TTC subway stations. If you missed our previous #YUBlog post “Discovering North York as a Student: Doors Open Toronto 2017,” take a look to see photos of the newly constructed York University station! York University station is located in the heart of campus in the middle of what used to be the bus loop (also known as the Harry Arthurs Commons). The second station, Pioneer Village, is located slightly farther north by the York Lions stadium on Steeles Avenue to serve students who have classes on that side of campus.

The new bus loop is located at the Pioneer Village subway station.

It’s important for students to note that Pioneer Village is the new home of the TTC bus loop. Relocating the TTC buses has helped to reclaim the Commons as a safe, communal campus space where students can gather to socialize, relax and (maybe) study. Come the spring and summer months, consider the Commons your new picnic/reading/informal game spot!

The new York University subway station located in the Harry Arthurs Commons.

TTC Buses

Since most of the bus stops previously located in the Commons have been relocated to other areas on campus, it’s important to note some of these changes:  for example, all of the TTC buses (196, 106, 107, 41, 60 and the 195) are now accessible at the Pioneer Village subway station bus loop.

Pro tip: if your last class of the day is near the York University station and you don’t feel like walking to the Pioneer Village stop, just hop on the subway at York University station and be sure to grab a transfer. During the winter months, it’s the warmest way to get from one place to another!

To double-check your new route and for more information about the TTC bus route changes, visit the TTC website.

The new Pioneer Village subway station.

Brampton, GO and York Region Transit Buses

Since students commute from across the GTA to attend York, there are a few other bus lines that come to campus on a daily basis. These transit options include Brampton Transit (Züm), GO Transit and York Region Transit. All of these different bus lines will continue to service the Keele campus, though some of their bus stop locations may have changed.

The Brampton Transit (Züm) buses will continue to operate from their current location on Ian Macdonald Boulevard, with an addition stop at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station for route 501. For more information about the Brampton Transit route changes, please visit their website.

View of Vari Hall from inside the new York University subway station.

The GO Transit buses will continue to stop at the Harry Arthurs Commons with a few new additional stops at the Highway 407 station. The York GO train station located on Canarctic Drive will continue to operate normally. To learn more about possible changes to your route, be sure to consult the GO Transit website.

The York Region Transit (YRT/Viva) buses will continue to operate from their current location on Ian Macdonald Boulevard with some additional stops at Pioneer Village station, Highway 407 station and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station. However, Route 10 will now terminate at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station and route 22A will be replaced with the 96 Keele-Yonge. You can learn about any route changes by visiting the York Region Transit website.

York U Students Share Their First Impressions of the Subway Stations

To celebrate the new transit options on campus, the #YUBlog decided to go out and see how the new subway stations have helped students at York University. The main consensus? Everyone seems pretty happy to have the benefit of some extra sleep in the morning!

Personally, I think that these new subway stations are a great addition to the York University campus. Students and faculty no longer have to wait for the bus in cold weather, or in long lines: now, they can just jump on the subway and head north or south or wait in the shelter of Pioneer Village station. It’s also very convenient for students who live on or around campus: visiting the grocery store or movie theatre has never been easier! The new stations have given me more opportunities (and motivation) to get out and go downtown every once in a while to explore Toronto.

Anna summed up her experience traveling on the new TTC extension: “The new subway stations make it really convenient for me to get to York. I live a 30-minute walk away, so now I can get to campus much more quickly.”

Another student, Humzah noted, “The subway stations are convenient because I come from downtown every day and it saves me 20 minutes each commute.” That’s a lot of extra reading time!

Image by York Unviersity
“The new subway extension has made it so much easier to get downtown, which is great!” says student Adrian.
“The new subway line is so beneficial for me. I work about two hours away and this new subway station is close by and cuts my commute time by half an hour!” says Mario.

The brand-new subway stations are one of the most exciting new developments on campus, and there are more to come! Keep an eye out for the upcoming Schulich School of Business expansion and the student centre! In the meantime, enjoy the new subway stations, Lions! I know I will. Finally, if you want to learn more about possible changes to your commute or alternate campus transit options, visit the York University Transportation website.

How has the new subway extension improved your commute? Let us know in the comments below!

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