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Posted by York & U on December 14, 2017

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As most York Lions know, a number of exciting developments are coming to York University, including two new subway stations, a new student centre and the Schulich School of Business expansion. These changes are all intended to optimize the student experience and enhance operations at York University. With that goal in mind, another exciting change is coming to York U. Beginning January 3, 2018, four of York U’s main Twitter and Facebook accounts will be re-aligning to provide segmented and targeted information for all of York U’s audiences.

In the new year, York U’s main Twitter account (@YorkUniversity) will change to @YorkUStudents and York U’s main Facebook accounts (@York University – Home and @York University) will change to @York University and @YorkUStudents respectively, making it easier than ever to find student-focused York U news. Keep reading to learn more about the changes coming to York U’s social media platforms and check out our previous #YUBlog post, “The Best Ways to Connect with York U” to find out where you can get University updates.

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Connect with York University on Facebook for updates about student life, events, important deadlines and more.

On Facebook:

Effective January 3, York U’s general institutional Facebook page @York University-Home will be renamed @York University and will post general information about the University, so it’s a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening on and off campus.

York U’s student-focused Facebook page (@YorkUniversity) is intended to foster a welcoming online community and accessible point of contact for future and current York U students. Effective January 3, this page will be renamed @YorkUStudents. York U Lions should join this Facebook community page for timely and relevant student-focused information about deadlines, campus events, student life and more. For example:

  • Future students can learn more about program options, admission requirements, application processes and deadlines, as well as campus culture. There’s helpful information for parents and families too!
  • Current students can stay up-to-date on registrarial and student financial services, academic and professional resources, as well as student life and campus events.
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Follow @YorkUniversity on Twitter before January 3, 2018 to prepare for York’s social media realignment.

On Twitter:

Effective January 3, 2018, the current @YorkUniversity Twitter account will be renamed @YorkUStudents so that York U’s community will be able to access key student information more efficiently. This account will post about admissions, recruitment, student life and more so that students will always be up to date about deadlines and news that will affect them.

Effective January 3, 2018, you can follow York U’s main institutional Twitter account @YorkUniversity for general institutional updates, including research and Faculty acknowledgement and alumni spotlights. You can also follow @YorkUNews for York University news and media.

What do I need to do to stay up to date?

Before January 3, 2018: Follow @York University on Facebook and @YorkUniversity on Twitter. If you already follow these channels, you will automatically be part of the “@YorkUStudents” community in the New Year.
Effective January 3, 2018: Follow @YorkUStudents on Facebook and Twitter for student-focused news and updates. Explore other ways to connect with York using the York University Social Media Directory.

  Before January 3, 2018 Effective January 3, 2018
For general university information Follow @York University-Home on Facebook and @YorkUniversity and @YorkUNews on Twitter Follow @York University on Facebook and @YorkUniversity and @YorkUNews on Twitter
For specifically student-focused information Follow @YorkUniversity on Facebook and @YorkUniversity and @YorkUStudents on Twitter Follow @YorkUStudents on Facebook and Twitter

*If you currently follow @York University on Facebook and @YorkUniversity on Twitter, you will automatically be part of the “@YorkUStudents” community in the New Year.

By realigning York University’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, students will be able to identify the most relevant social media channel for their interests and form a helpful online community. To learn more about connecting with York U and the upcoming developments coming to the University’s social media platforms, please visit York University’s social media website.

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