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Posted by Shannon Hui on November 21, 2017

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Are you interested in travelling beyond the classroom for an international learning experience? If you missed our previous #YUBlog post “The World Within Your Reach,” you may not know that York U Summer Abroad courses offer an enriching opportunity to learn outside of the classroom and form global connections while earning your academic credits. York International and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies both offer summer abroad programs to give students a global education. In the past, summer abroad destinations have included Italy, France, Germany, Greece and Spain. By studying abroad, you can expand your horizons, make global connections and gain professional experience that can lead to career opportunities worldwide.

Students who want to develop their career skills abroad can also participate in York U’s Global Internships, which consist of a funded opportunity to intern in another country or with an international host within Canada for 3 months during the summer, starting in May. You can learn more about finances and awards to help fund your trip below. The Global Internships are not for academic credit. The application deadline for the Global Internships program is December 13, 2017, so get started!

Take a look at York U’s summer abroad programs to see how you can take your degree global!

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Travel around the globe by participating in a York U Summer Abroad program!

Quick Facts:

  • Courses take place during the summer term (May-August).
  • Class sizes are small (around 12-25 students per course).
  • All classes are taught in English, with the exception of language courses.
  • All classes are taught by a York University professor.
  • Classes have a combined format of two to four weeks of class on-campus and up to four weeks abroad.


  • Gain exposure to intercultural learning and enhance your understanding of different cultures.
  • Build your critical thinking skills by adapting to new experiences and environments.
  • Improve your proficiency in another language.
  • Develop your self-awareness and grow as a person.
  • Become a globally-minded citizen and build your international network.
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Go out of your comfort zone and experience a new learning opportunity with York U’s Summer Abroad programs.


The cost of a summer abroad course is broken down into three categories: program fees, tuition and your flights. Your program fees cover the cost of accommodation, excursions/field activities and group meals. To make study abroad programs more affordable, your tuition will be paid directly to York U to help students avoid paying international student rates. To help you finance your summer abroad course, York International offers funding opportunities. Students can apply for the York International Mobility Award (YIMA), a travel subsidy provided to degree-seeking York University students in support of their participation in global learning opportunities, and other scholarships. The Faculty of LA&PS also offers the International Study Abroad Award for LA&PS students.


In the past, participants of the York U Summer Abroad courses have visited a number of countries from Italy to South Africa. A full list of past summer abroad destinations can be found at the Study Abroad Summer 2016 page. In addition to the summer abroad offerings from LA&PS and York International, check out York’s Las Nubes Project, or EcoCampus summer abroad program offered by York U’s Faculty of Environmental Studies.

York U’s Las Nubes Project, or EcoCampus, has been one of the most popular summer abroad programs. Although there are a limited number of spots available for this program, it offers a very unique learning opportunity. Located in the Las Nubes Forest Reserve in the Alexander Skutch Corridor, York’s EcoCampus gives students the opportunity to experience the cloud forest of Costa Rica and explore the environmental and social dynamics of this unique environment. Students who study abroad at the EcoCampus can choose from six different courses focused on Tropical Conservation and Sustainability in Costa Rica. The project’s mission is to contribute to community well-being and engage students through research, environmental education and community initiatives.

A mandatory meeting for all students who plan on participating in the project will be held January 24, 2018 from 12-2pm in Room 140 of the Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building. For more information about the Las Nubes Project course list and important deadlines, visit the Las Nubes Project page.

A Student Perspective

Mackenzie Shaw is a fourth-year English and Professional Writing major and the President of the Las Nubes Student Association. I spoke with her to learn more about her experience studying at the EcoCampus and participating in the Las Nubes Project: “We had school in the jungle every day, and our classrooms were farms, hiking trails, markets and kayaks. The classes challenged my thinking about the environment and allowed me to see first-hand the reality of indigenous peoples. Pura Vida! (live pure) is my new motto!”

Inspired by Mackenzie’s story? Learn more about York U’s study abroad programs offered by the Faculty of LA&PS and York International! No matter your destination, embarking on a study abroad program is an enriching way to see the world, learn about another culture and develop skills with real-world applications.

Image taken from the Las Nubes Project page
An aerial view of the Lillian Meighen Wright Centre, headquarters of the Las Nubes Project

While the full list of courses for summer 2018 have not yet been released, there are new additions to the Summer Abroad offerings, including “Greece; A Modern History” in Greece and “Supply Chain Management: Theory & Practice I & II” in Italy. More information is to follow on the York U Summer Abroad page.

Where would you like to go study abroad? Comment below or tweet us on Twitter at @YorkUStudents.

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