Why You Should Attend Fall Campus Day at York U

Posted by Elizabeth Naccarato on November 2, 2017

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Fall Campus Day, York’s annual open house, is a great opportunity for future students to get to know York University and get a feel for the campus. The day is filled with campus tours, program sessions, residence tours, information about clubs and extracurricular activities, financial aid tips and so much more! If you’re thinking about attending York for the 2018-2019 academic year, register to attend Fall Campus Day this Saturday, November 4th at the Keele campus or Sunday, November 5th at the Glendon campus.

Image at York U
Current York U students waiting to meet and greet future students attending Fall Campus Day.

Fall Campus Day is a great opportunity to get first-hand experience attending a university, even if it is just for a day. You’ll learn about the campus, residences (if you are thinking about living on campus), athletics, student life and even meet potential classmates in your program sessions! Some of the Fall Campus Day main events will run at different times throughout the day to make sure that you have an opportunity to attend everything while others will be as quick as a half hour talk. Some sessions may overlap so plan ahead so you can enjoy as many events as possible.

For the Keele campus, the first event of the day is called “Coffee Wake-Me-Up!” which will be held outside the Accolade East building from 9:30am until 1pm. Coffee is obviously first on the agenda because York knows that most people need caffeine to have energy in the morning. And you’ll need your energy for the action-packed Fall Campus Day! The Campus Walking Tours depart every 20 minutes from 10am to 2pm, so make sure to build one into your day’s schedule. You can find the times and locations of all events and a map detailing each building location on the Fall Campus Day website.

Image at York U
The York U mascot meeting some future students.

In addition to the main events that focus on the student experience and campus life, there are also sessions hosted by each faculty that will allow students to experience specific York U programs. Check the Fall Campus Day website to explore the program sessions being held for the faculties you’re interest in. For example, my program, Professional Writing, will be holding a session from 11am until noon. That time-frame gives me enough time to get some coffee in the morning, maybe go for a residence tour, go to my program session and still have time for a campus walking tour. Seems like a jam-packed day of fun that will also be super informative and helpful.

If you’re still deciding what school you want to attend, coming to Fall Campus Day will help you get a feel for living in a particular residence, how to navigate the campus, how helpful the professors and TA’s will be, and what campus resources are available to you. Current York U students also attend Fall Campus Day and you can ask students who have already experienced the first couple of years of your program about their experience.

Image by York U
The York U mascot joining in on the Fall Campus Day fun!

Come to campus, explore the libraries, go to the cafeterias, talk to students, meet some of your future professors and go on an adventure to see if York U is right for you. You won’t know until you know.

Lastly and most importantly, if you want to attend Fall Campus Day, you need to make sure you register on the Fall Campus Day website. Good luck with university hunting! We can’t wait to meet you on November 4th and 5th!

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Elizabeth Naccarato
Elizabeth Naccarato

Elizabeth is a fourth-year Professional Writing major at York U. She enjoys reading for pleasure (no textbooks please), a nice cup of coffee (but only iced) and being surrounded by good company. She hopes her blog posts will be helpful and inspiring to current and future York U students.

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