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Posted by Elizabeth Naccarato on October 26, 2017

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Choosing a career path is an important decision, but choosing which university to attend to prepare for your career is just as significant. There are many different aspects that should be considered when choosing your postsecondary school, including location, program and experiential learning opportunities, the resources and support services offered and campus life activities. Ultimately, you need to choose the university that is the right fit for your career aspirations and educational goals. Deciding where you want to attend university all depends on what kind of experience you want to have and where you identify the best fit for your journey into postsecondary education. Today, I have compiled a list of reasons why I chose to attend York University and a few reasons why York might be the best fit for you! You might also want to read our previous YU Blog post “Finding Your University Fit” to help you with your decision.

Innovative programs and flexibility

When you’re choosing the university you’d like to attend, program and course options are incredibly important. York offers a wide range of programs: you can study everything from Ecosystem Management to Kinesiology & Health Science, Law & Society to Professional Writing, Nursing to Dance. The possibilities are endless, and all York programs emphasize career-relevant curriculum. There truly is something offered here for everyone, whether you are applying for undergraduate studies, graduate school or even Osgoode Law School! York programs are also reviewed and updated every year to make sure that what students are learning is current and relevant.

Image by York U
York U students enjoy a diverse range of course offerings.

Speaking from personal experience, I chose York University because of the unique, innovative programs that were offered. When researching postsecondary schools, York U was one of the only universities that offered a Professional Writing program. Without York U’s innovative programs I would not be in a program that I loved.

York U also offers students a lot of flexibility in their education and offers multiple dates and times for most courses in order to fit student’s schedules. At York U, you can create your own schedule and can choose from over 1,000 electives or enrol in double-major and major-minor combinations to customize your degree to your career goals. Choosing your own electives is a wonderful aspect to university life because you can take classes you are interested in. Some examples of cool electives at York U include: Acting for Non-Majors, Life Beyond Earth and Apocalyptic Science Fiction. Check out all the unique courses offered on the York Courses Website.

Experimental education and career development

A lot of programs and courses at York U give students opportunities to put what they’ve learned into practice with hands-on experience and experiential learning opportunities. York University programs include a mixture of both in-class learning and hands-on career experience. York U professors want you to experiment with different real-life career situations to prepare for the professional world after graduation. These opportunities include internships, practicums and placements. My Professional Writing program, for example, offers fourth-year courses that include real-life career development assignments. In my program, we get to publish a book, create a digital media company and write feature articles that will be published online. This is only one example of a York U program that offers real life career experience.

Image by York U.
York U students gain hands-on experience in the lab.

If you love hands-on learning, York University also has an EcoCampus located in Costa Rica where students can go to attend specific environmental courses and gain valuable experience with hands-on environmental education and research. I have a few friends who have chosen to study at the EcoCampus, and it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about the environment and see the world. Take a look at The Las Nubes Project EcoCampus website if you’re thinking about taking a summer semester abroad.

Image by York U.
York U’s EcoCampus in Costa Rica.

You can also develop your career potential with York U’s Career Centre, where students can access workshops, advising appointments, career fairs, campus recruitment events and more. Students can also use the Career Centre’s online job posting system to apply for 1,900 on-campus job opportunities.

Academic and health and wellness resources

As I mentioned above, choosing the university you want to attend is an important decision because you want to make sure the school you choose offers useful services to help you achieve your goals. When looking at prospective schools, make sure that the school you pick has services and resources to help you with academic advising, health and wellness services, workshops and even social events to help you meet other students! York U offers students a range of resources, including Learning Skills Services, a Writing Centre, a Citation Station, Student Financial Services, academic advising, Mental Health Disability Services, Personal Counselling and more! You can find an overview of these services on York U’s Mental Health and Wellness website.

Academic advising is a great resource to help you stay on track during your time at York U. York U has many academic advisors who will sit with you and discuss the best ways to make the most of your time here. They will also help you check up on your degree requirements over the years to ensure you that you have all the credits needed to graduate. To learn more about academic advising at York U, go to the Advising website.

Image by York U
A York U student accesses academic support.

Health and wellness resources are also readily available if you are feeling sick or just need someone to talk too. I have utilized the Appletree Medical Centre located on campus more than once, and their medical personnel are always readily available to help. To learn more about the health and wellness resources at York U, take a look at the Mental Health and Wellness website.

Clubs, involvement opportunities and personal growth

One of the best parts of university is getting involved on campus and making new friends. When you’re choosing your future university, think about the kinds of extracurricular activities that are available. There are 300+ official student clubs and organizations at York U. From intramurals to social justice groups to photography clubs, there is a club out there for everyone and events held every week to help you get involved. Whether you’re interested in sports clubs, environmental organizations, charitable organizations, radio and media, student newspapers and magazines, or pretty much any other topic, you can find clubs and organizations that you might like to join on the YUConnect website.

Transportation and commuter perks

York University is a large school whose student population comes from across the GTA and around the world. If you want to live at home or choose to live off-campus, there are plenty of ways to get to school each day. York hosts a transportation hub where buses arrive and depart from all over the GTA. Even more exciting? A huge transportation option is about to open up: the subway line extension! In December of this year, the new subway station at York University will be opening up making it easier for commuter students to get to campus. It will also give students who live on campus the chance to easily get downtown and explore.

Image by York U.
The York University subway station is set to open by then end of 2017.

If you have any more burning questions about why you should choose York University, visit our website and explore all the different resources that York U offers. You can even view floor plans and photographs of bedrooms and common areas of our residences in case you’re considering residence but don’t have time to make it down for an actual tour.

Success tip: I never was able to come down and take a tour of the campus before I chose York and the virtual tools and websites really helped solidify why I should come to York University. Visit the Future Students website to get to know what York U is all about. For future students who live close by, there are campus tours happening every single day, so come to campus and take a look around.

Elizabeth Naccarato
Elizabeth Naccarato

Elizabeth is a fourth-year Professional Writing major at York U. She enjoys reading for pleasure (no textbooks please), a nice cup of coffee (but only iced) and being surrounded by good company. She hopes her blog posts will be helpful and inspiring to current and future York U students.

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